Zero Latency Is The US’s First Warehouse-Scale VR Arcade


But now, we’ve got a new development as Zero Latency expands from Melbourne, Australia to Orlando, Florida and brings the US their very first warehouse-scale free roam virtual reality facility. Beyond that, they’re bringing over the same gear including Razer’s OSVR HDK 2.0

Hands-On With Zero Latency’s Team Shooter Sol Raiders


Australia-based VR company Zero Latency is debuting its new team-based competitive VR shooter at locations worldwide. This was my first time testing an OSVR headset since E3 2016 when Razer put me inside an experience without positional tracking.

This VR Training Simulation is One of the Best We’ve Ever Seen

Road to VR

The Australia based Sentient Computing seem to share in this line of thinking as they recently released a video (embedded at the top of this page) showing their work on a training simulation, built to educate train workers on how to safely operate high voltage switching equipment.

Inside Zero Latency’s Las Vegas VR Arena At The MGM Grand


Melbourne, Australia-based VR company Zero Latency has partnered with the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino to launch its latest eight-player virtual reality gaming location in the U.S. Players stay in contact with each other through Razer headphones and are outfitted with Razer OSVR HDK2 virtual reality headsets while wearing a military-grade backpack containing a high-performance Alienware laptop computer.

Outbreak Origins Has an Illusion That Only Zero Latency Has Mastered


Watch the game trailer: The game on-boarding begins with up to eight players being suited up in Zero Latency’s gear – an OSVR HDK2 HMD, Razer integrated headphone and microphone to communicate with others in-game, a backpack with Alienware PC gaming computer, and custom hand-held gun.

Zero Latency Shoots For Multiplayer VR Arcade Network With 24 Locations In 2017


Over the past three years, Melbourne, Australia-based startup Zero Latency has been refining its multiplayer virtual reality arcade platform, which currently has three playable games for up to six players with plans to add eight-player support by the end of this year.