Breonna’s Garden: An AR Experience to Foster Healing


Healing and reconciliation come in many forms, and projects such as Breonna’s Garden demonstrate how emerging tech such as augmented reality can be used to provide a safe space to process grief. See Also: The Role of Virtual Reality in the Fight Against Racial Inequity.

How the XR Community Celebrates Black History Month (Black Futures Month?)


ROSE , a minority-owned New York-based digital agency focused on AR, worked with XR platform 8th Wall to create a digital model of the historic Edmund Pettus Bridge and augment every step with historically significant media and information regarding the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

The mixed messages of Microsoft’s Hololens2: very few corporate use cases and lots of limitations

Robert Scoble

I’m a bit bothered by the overselling of mixed reality, or spatial computing, at least short term (long term my kids’ lives will be dramatically improved by them, we all can see that, but that might not happen for quite a few years). Just last summer I visited the factories of Boeing, Tesla, Ford, and Louisville Slugger. That’s the magic of augmented reality. [link].