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Dispelix and Avegant Partner to Enable Next-Gen AR Glasses


Get ready to see the future of augmented reality with the next generation of AR glasses. Dispelix and Avegant have teamed up to create an advanced optical solution for augmented reality viewing. Avegant LED Light Engine Technology. Avegant AG-30L 30° LED light engine.

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Vuzix Announces Blade 2™ Smart Glasses Coming Next Month


“This latest model is a direct response to widespread interest for a more muscular version, with greater functionality and performance, while preserving the all-important wearability factor,” Vuzix President and CEO, Paul Travers, said in a release. See Also: Dispelix and Avegant Partner to Enable Next-Gen AR Glasses. “If

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Charting a Path to Viable Consumer AR Glasses, Part IV

AR Insider

Over four parts, we’ll explore the biggest barriers and potential solutions to making consumer-grade Augmented Reality (AR) glasses that people will actually wear. Part 1 : The two biggest barriers holding wearable displays back are visual quality and device comfort, which hinge on the display and optics technology.

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A new kind of screen could help computer glasses replace the.


It doesn’t burn me, because it’s a computer image displayed through a new kind of headset prototype built by Avegant, a Silicon Valley-based startup. Avegant calls it “light field.” Vimeo/Avegant He sees Avegant’s new display as a key part of the technology that will one day enable smart glasses to replace our phones and other screens.

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