Space Junkies Arcade Now on the SpringboardVR Marketplace


How to Get Space Junkies Arcade To add Space Junkies Arcade to your VR Library, please follow these steps in this Knowledge Base article. We are beyond excited to announce that Space Junkies Arcade is now on the SpringboardVR Marketplace!

‘Skyrim VR’ for PC Review – a Dragon-sized Feast for the Eyes

Road to VR

Many of these moral choices are decided through the game’s text-based dialogue system, which admittedly isn’t ideal in VR, but it’s really the only way of inserting your opinion into the game’s narrative.

AR, MR, XR or VR?


From this point in VR’s history, it is ‘just’ resolution and fidelity boosts to get to our modern consumer-based headsets. KARMA was the first knowledge-driven AR application. Paul's Cathedral: This article is written by Dimona Dougherty.