New Wallace & Gromit Game Amps Up Job Simulations with AR Interactivity

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Launched this week, Wallace & Gromit: The Big Fix Up is a mobile game fitting into the life simulation genre that appoints players as partners in the titular characters' handyman startup, Spick & Spanners.

The XR Week Peek (2020.12.28): Flight Simulator VR released, a new hack lets you use Quest without Facebook, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Happy Holidays , my dear AR/VR community! Even if these should be holidays, my will to inform you is not in vacation, so here you are my roundup of the best AR/VR news for this week. Microsoft Flight Simulator releases VR patch. Meet Tooz, a new AR glass.


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‘Job Simulator’ & ‘Vacation Simulator’ Are Both Coming to Oculus Quest

Road to VR

To our surprise, not only did we see that Vacation Simulator was prominently featured, but we also caught a glimpse of the long-standing success Job Simulator (2016) too. Owlchemy Labs confirmed with Road to VR that Job Simulator will indeed be a launch title for Quest. We went hands-on with Vacation Simulator at last year’s GDC, and it proved to be a more expansive game that has refined many of the interactions introduced in Job Simulator.

Real Pilot Battles Virtual Aircraft In “World’s First” AR Dogfight


Could live-flight AR exercises be the future of air combat training? Labeled as the “world’s first” AR dogfight by Red 6 and EpiSci, this first test had a pilot stepping into a Freeflight Composites Berkut 560 experimental plane.

AR 421

AR/VR Simulations for Sustainable, Regenerative, Circular Cities

Speaker: Nik Gowing, Brenda Laurel, Sheridan Tatsuno, Archie Kasnet, and Bruce Armstrong Taylor

Join our amazing panelists, Nik Gowing, Founder at Thinking the Unthinkable and International Broadcaster; Brenda Laurel, PhD, Principal, Neogaian Interactive; Sheridan Tatsuno, Principal, Dreamscape Global; Archie Kasnet, CEO, Regenerative; and Bruce Armstrong Taylor, The Climate 4.0 Project, to discuss how today's AR/VR and related AI-enabled technologies can be effectively applied, using data from such sources as NASA and NOAA, to both improve and accelerate urban sustainability planning and design.

Physics Simulator ‘Universe Sandbox’ Comes to Magic Leap 1

Road to VR

Universe Sandbox, the physics-based space simulator from Giant Army , made a splash on PC back in 2015, later getting VR support so you could physically smash the Moon into the Earth with your own two hands.

Are we living in a Simulation?


On some days, I think we are living in a simulation; on other days, I think we are most likely not living in a simulation. I started this journey into a simulated world with the following question: How can we construct an experiment that would allow us to explore living in a simulation?

Homeland Security Releasing VR School Shooting Training Simulator


In response to the rising number of mass shootings in the United States, the Department of Homeland Security developed and released a WebVR training simulator last year called EDGE (Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment), which helped prepare first responders for the stressful moments of responding to an active shooter scene. The post Homeland Security Releasing VR School Shooting Training Simulator appeared first on VRScout. News Education Homeland Security Simulator

Stanford Children's Hospital Experiments with Magic Leap One to Reinvent Medical Training Simulations

Next Reality AR

The latest medical app for the Magic Leap One, the CHARM (short for CHARIOT AR Medical) Simulator, uses the device's spatial computing capabilities to replace or supplement the traditional manikins and task trainers with virtual models and enables multiple medical professionals or students to participate in a simulation simultaneously via the headset's multi-user mode. In the last few years, the HoloLens has become a popular tool for use in medical procedures and training.

Owlchemy’s ‘Vacation Simulator’ Launch Pushed Back to Early 2019

Road to VR

Owlchemy Labs , the studio behind breakout VR parody game Job Simulator (2016) , announced that their upcoming sequel Vacation Simulator is coming to VR headsets in 2019, and not 2018 as previously planned. Much like Job Simulator , Vacation Simulator puts you in a future where robots have taken over every aspect of life. Vacation Simulator is touted as more expansive game than Job Simulator, and aims to be a longer, more narrative-driven experience.

Nreal’s New AR Sunglasses Look Pretty Gosh Darn Stylish


The Nreal Air AR smart glasses are capable of simulating a massive 201-inch with a refresh rate of 90Hz. Hot off the heels of a successful Series C funding round, Nreal—the company behind the Nreal Light AR glasses—has announced a new set of consumer AR sunglasses.

AR 365

This HoloLens Childbirth Simulator Helps Train Medical Students


The first childbirth AR simulator. One such medical company, CAE Healthcare , has unveiled the world’s first augmented reality childbirth simulator with integrated mother-baby physiology. Dubbed CAE LucinaAR, the HoloLens simulator lets clinical teams and learners practice emergency labor and delivery maneuvers on a mannequin while being guided by 3D holograms of the baby as it progresses down the birth canal. News AR HoloLens Medical Training

The Surprising Brilliance of ‘Vacation Simulator’s’ VR Paintbrush Tech

Road to VR

Having released the ever popular Job Simulator as a launch title for the HTC Vive back in 2016, Owlchemy Labs is one of the most veteran VR game studios that exists today. Over the years the studio has built a strong foundation of VR interaction design which is seen throughout their newest title, Vacation Simulator. We’re both developers at Owlchemy Labs, and we’re excited to talk to you about one of the most highly-iterated features in the entire Vacation Simulator : Painting!

Facebook’s First Full AR Glasses are Code Named ‘Project Nazare’

Road to VR

” In a short simulated concept, Zuckerberg narrates a typical scene where users message over Whatsapp and organize a game night. ” The post Facebook’s First Full AR Glasses are Code Named ‘Project Nazare’ appeared first on Road to VR.

AR 285

The Brain Science of Simulation Training with Virtual Reality

Tech Trends VR

Traditional approaches to emergency medical, law enforcement, firefighting, air traffic control and military training start with textbook and classroom study, then later introduce real-world practice, often through simulation. This sequential approach to training, where you become proficient with the cognitive (textbooks and classroom) then become proficient with behavioral (real world or simulation) is suboptimal.

TikTok’s First LiDAR-Powered AR Filter Now Available


Ring in the new year with this 2021-themed AR effect. Available now on compatible smartphone devices, this 2021-themed filter simulates the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Time Square, including the official countdown.

AR 359

This AR Go-Kart Experience Is Basically Real-Life ‘Mario Kart’


Developed by The Ents Inc, this ambitious AR-powered experience will have racers going head-to-head throughout a variety of unique circuit designs using real-life go-karts. Each time you fire a weapon, you’ll see the AR projectile traveling towards your opponent in the real world.

AR 407

Owlchemy Labs Teases AR ‘Mobile Spectator’ Experiment


Best known for their outrageous-brand of AAA VR content, such as their immensely popular title Job Simulator , Texas-based game developer Owlchemy Labs is no stranger to the spotlight. Owlchemy Labs can be seen testing the exciting new tool during a session of their upcoming title, Vacation Simulator, a sequel to 2016’s Job Simulator; during which they tease the exciting possibilities of various interactive elements.

AR 235

How Researchers Use AR Spiders To Cure Arachnophobia


Researchers claim that AR-powered “exposure therapy” can assist those suffering from an unrealistic fear of arachnids. The post How Researchers Use AR Spiders To Cure Arachnophobia appeared first on VRScout. News Android AR Augmented Reality iOS

AR 312

‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’ Adds AR, Infuriates Playerbase


Nintendo has introduced a new update to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp , a mobile spinoff to the companies beloved social simulator, adding two new augmented reality modes that bring the Animal Crossing world to life in the real world. This game isnt even based on AR.

AR 285

5 Ways AR and VR Transform Safety Training

AR Insider

AR and VR continue to find new and varied endpoints. There, it offers safe/simulated environments for learning, and more effective brain encoding. This post appeared first on AR Insider. One growing use case is employee safety training. We examine the evidence. Contributors

Oculus Quest App ‘Magic Keys’ Teaches You Piano Using AR


Since then we’ve seen a variety of interactive AR games make their way to the standalone headset, from martial arts simulator Crazy Kung Fu to VR puzzler Gravity Labs. I ported my AR Piano Learning App to the Quest using the new Passthrough API from OculusQuest.

Oculus 428

Hands On: ESI’s Incredibly Accurate VR CAD Simulation Lets You Take Cars Apart

Road to VR

Dominic Brennan gets his hands on ESI Group’s latest iteration of IC.IDO , their automotive visualisation tool that uses CAD-accurate data to generate extremely realistic VR simulations which let you take apart (or fix) your own virtual car. Most CAD mock up tools will not live simulate the collisions possible during assembly”. Some mix between VR and AR would be needed”, says Eric.

Saab to Further Develop VR Rocket Launcher Simulator

Road to VR

VR/AR agency Vobling initially built a VR experience in 2017 designed to show off the capabilities of the latest Carl-Gustaf launcher (the M4) and serve as the main attraction for Saab’s presence at the Defence and Security Equipment International conference in London that year. The post Saab to Further Develop VR Rocket Launcher Simulator appeared first on Road to VR.

The XR Week Peek (2022.05.16): Meta teases Cambria, Google shows new AR features, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Depth sensors and RGB cameras may help also in doing object detection in the future (hopefully) There are some studios making content with this headset: Meta has teased Gravity Sketch in AR, and games by Resolution Games and Schell Games. Google performs interesting AR news at I/O conference.

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Holopatient Remote Uses AR Holograms For Hands-On Medical Training


GIGXR launches AR tool designed for medical training. HoloPatient Remote is an extension of HoloPatient , a tool used in traditional classroom settings that allows students to examine a realistic AR patient with their instructor via a Microsoft’s HoloLens headset.

How Can Schools Prepare for VR/AR Integration?


VR and AR are technologies that have the capacity to truly revolutionize education. But considering how VR and AR are not mainstream in schools just yet, it can be challenging to infuse them into the curriculum. Wonderscope AR reading app // Credit: WITHIN.

AR 395

Lenovo Unveils New AR Headset Prototype Aimed at Business Travelers

Road to VR

At Lenovo’s Tech World conference in Beijing, the Chinese tech giant unveiled a new AR headset prototype that aims to appeal to business travelers on-the-go. Officially called the Lenovo AR Concept Glasses, the headset features a relatively small and sleek profile, no doubt in part because the headset connects to a PC via cable, meaning it likely doesn’t hold an on-board SoC like Microsoft’s HoloLens.

AR 188

Stanford Research Explores How AR Can Affect Human Behavior


Examining how AR experiences can change the way people interact with the real world. In a new study conducted by Standford Universities School of Humanities and Sciences, researchers discovered that simulated augmented reality experiences have a direct effect on human behavior within the real world, even after the AR device was removed. “We’ve These results highlight how AR content integrates with your physical space, affecting the way you interact with it.

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AR Apps With Artificial Intelligence in 2021


In this guide, we review some AR apps with AI in 2021. How Can Artificial Intelligence and AR Work Together? At its core, AR is an experience that combines both digital and physical environments. A quick example of AR are Snapchat lenses and Pokemon Go.

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Futuristic AR eSports Tournament Coming To USA


Now it appears that future has finally arrived as the HADO WORLD CUP AR eSports tournament is finally making its way stateside. The AR team sports uses a headset running an iPhone 6s, a motion sensor secured to the wrist, as well as several AR trackers. You can’t move around, you’re probably tied down by cables in that environment or you are seated in a chair, in a roller coaster simulation, or whatsoever.”.

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XR Talks: Can AR Unlock Remote Collaboration?

AR Insider

One of AR’s promises ( along with VR ) is to bring far-flung colleagues together for interpersonal interactions. This is an AR use case that’s been imagined and envisioned for a while. This makes providers of AR remote collaboration software likewise relevant.

AR 148

Top 5 Best Racing Simulator or Virtual Reality Racing Equipment

Steki Amusement

We pick the best racing simulator for different budgets and needs. This list will help you choose the racing simulator best suited to you and your equipment. Racing Simulator Games. The answer is a racing simulator. Racing Simulators: Everything You Need to Know.

CES 2020: Samsung Teases Prototype AR Glasses


Among the many products developed as part of what the company refers to as their “Age of Experience” product strategy, Samsung also teased its own dedicated AR headset. The demonstration involved an AR training session involving a digital personal trainer.

Bollé Leans in to AR’s Best Self


Among these personas, its sport brand ethos comes through in its own AR early adoption. Here, AR is a natural fit, Bollé’s VP of Trade Marketing N.A. Chris Abbruzzese tells AR Insider. it looked to AR. a key AR metric as we’ve examined ?—?was

How Can AR Shape Healthcare’s Next Era?

AR Insider

A ugmented reality (AR) is undergoing impressive growth. These advancements continue to thrive and evolve well beyond their adoption, and AR-based healthcare is on a similar trajectory. Mobile AR Global Revenue Forecast, 2020-2025. More from AR Insider….

How to Film Your Own AR Music Videos with Vidiyo, Lego's TikTok Competitor

Next Reality AR

The game remixes TikTok's video creation and curation features with a music business simulation that brings your playsets into the action.