VR Film Places Entire Audience Into A Shared Immersive Experience


Parallux will unveil a captivating new shared XR technology at Tribeca Immersive. An experimental new VR film experience entitled CAVE will debut later this month during the Tribeca Film Festival, immersing an entire audience into a captivating virtual experience in which they’ll feel each other’s physical presence as a story unfolds before them. Image Credit: Tribeca Film Festival.

Tribeca Film Festival Announces 2019 AR/VR Program Schedule


Tribeca Immersive returns with an incredible lineup of AR and VR experiences. Tribeca Film Festival, NYC’s annual independent film festival held in Lower Manhattan, has announced their Tribeca Immersive programming for 2019, revealing a stellar lineup of content that delves into all possibilities of storytelling through technology. Image Credit: Tribeca Film Festival. Girl Icon / Image Credit: Tribeca Film Festival.


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Legoland Resort Launches New 4D Film & AR Scavenger Hunt


Visitors can hunt for augmented reality creatures featured in the all-new 4D film. While information regarding the 4D film is scarce at the moment, an official press release states that attendees will experience “enchanted forests, raging seas, hidden caves, fire, and ice.”

The 64th BFI London Film Festival Announces LFF Expanded, A New Strand Of XR, And Immersive Art


The BFI London Film Festival, in partnership with American Express, today announces LFF Expanded: the Festival’s new dedicated strand of XR and Immersive Art. LFF Expanded will be open throughout the BFI London Film Festival (October 17th to the 18th).

Tribeca Immersive Kicks Off Today With A Fresh Line-Up Of Groundbreaking XR


The legendary film festival makes a triumphant return to NYC with in-person and at-home entertainment. This includes the return of live in-person events, such as the infamous Tribeca Film Festival. But how exactly does one go about accessing these incredible VR & AR projects?

Experiencing Immersive Art in Colorado

Tech Trends VR

The Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF) opens this week, and it will dedicate an entire pavilion to XR Experiences. The BIFF is widely recognized as one of the world’s coolest film festivals, Click To Tweet.

Tribeca Film Festival Was A Win For The XR Industry This Year


While the pandemic still rages on across the globe, the XR industry can count a clear win thanks to the dedicated team behind this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. . The post Tribeca Film Festival Was A Win For The XR Industry This Year appeared first on VRScout. Back to normal?

The 2020 Sundance Film Festival Is Absolutely Stacked With Experimental Immersive Media


Over the past several years, the legendary Sundance Film Festival has transformed from a high-profile celebration of independent film into a haven for bleeding-edge multimedia projects. An immersive virtual reality journey to heal the Earth–by becoming a mushroom.

Tribeca Immersive 2019: A VR Arcade In Review


With a steady stream of visitors making up the packed queue hours prior to opening and reports of tickets for every time-slot being sold out each of the nine days of Tribeca Immersive, the festival easily hit a high mark for attention on mixed reality and similar content. With social impact in mind, Senior Programmer for Film and Immersive at Tribeca Film Festival, Loren Hammonds, and his team clearly consider the ripple effect of their selections.

VR Film Festivals Look To Inspire Fresh New Talent For Hollywood


Japan’s very first VR-focused international film festival, Beyond the Frame Festival , is currently underway thanks to a partnership with HTC Vive. The festival, which runs from February 12 through February 21 , will showcase VR films from artists all around the world.

All-Female VR Film ‘Baba Yaga’ Adds Glenn Close, Jennifer Hudson, Kate Winslet


Baobab’s upcoming immersive short features a stacked cast of Oscar-winning talent. It is validating to have our work recognized by the Venice Film Festival and we look forward to sharing the experience with VR audiences around the globe.”

‘Jupiter Invincible’ Is An AR Comic Book With A Powerful Story


As if that weren’t interesting enough, the project uses AR technology to bring its pages to life with animation, real-life stories, and other interactive elements that pop right out of the pages. The AR content was created by Ram Devineni from Rattapallax.

Tribeca Immersive’s Cinema360 Gives Attendees a New Perspective On Social Causes


Addressing social injustice at Tribeca Film Festival 2019. The annual Tribeca Film Festival held in NYC showcases an incredible selection of independent projects by creatives from all across the globe that explores storytelling in the form of narratives, documentaries, shorts, features, and television. Since 2012, organizers of the festival have included VR and AR projects as part of their Virtual Arcade, a section of the festival where storytelling and VR/AR technology intersect.

XR Poised For Mass-Market Appeal At Cannes Marché Du Film


The Marché du Film is the business counterpart of the Cannes Film Festival and one of the largest film markets in the world. Like many festivals this year, the Cannes Marché du Film struggled to attract the usual number of attendees from all over the world to its onsite location.

Battle AR Ghosts In ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife ScARe’


Ghostbusters: Afterlife ScARe uses AR technology to immerse you deep in Sony Pictures’ new movie, Ghostbusters: Afterlife , as one of the legendary Ghostbusters. , The post Battle AR Ghosts In ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife ScARe’ appeared first on VRScout.

AR 369

How Will Immersive Tech Transform Entertainment?

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Today, we can have impactful media experiences everywhere, including immersive technologies like augmented and virtual reality. The AR touchstone title Poke?mon Creators use virtual reality production techniques to plan and “shoot” film in VR, as if they were on set with the animals.

Artivive Is Bringing Classical Works Of Art To Life In AR


Years ago he had a fateful realization about the tremendous potential in bridging the gap between the highly guarded ivory tower of fine art and the mysterious, at-times overlooked industry of immersive innovation. You go to museums to see the artworks, not the AR.

AR 407

Creators Of Pokémon GO & Sleep No More Partnering On AR Theater Experiences


Niantic and Punchdrunk to produce 10 new immersive theater experiences powered by augmented reality. When it comes to location-based AR gaming, San Francisco-based developer Niantic is at the top of the food chain. Niantic has spent years mapping the real-world for its global AR engine.

AR 308

The Future of VR in Education: Full Immersion in Learning


XR experts believe the education and healthcare industries are leaders in the use of immersive technologies. They just do not have an opportunity to immerse themselves in the topic, experience, and comprehend the material. VR in Vocational Training: Total Immersion.

Immersive Technologies Helping Children and Older Patients

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It is well established that high-quality VR and AR technologies can be used for healthcare – in the treatment of phobias for example – and are superior tools in training adults in disciplines such as surgery. VR and AR training tools lead to better initial learning of medical procedures for adult patients and medical personnel , and greater reductions in stress and anxiety in adult patients, thus increasing patient satisfaction. VR and AR for Children and the Elderly.

Felix & Paul’s Creepy VR Film ‘Gymnasia’ Set To Debut At Tribeca Film Festival


The 2019 Tribeca Film Festival is just around the corner and with it comes Tribeca Immersive Virtual Arcade , an entire exhibit dedicated to highlighting creators who explore how storytelling and technology can come together to deliver wondrous VR and AR experience. The room itself is an immersive theater experience that will muddle your own perception of reality. We are proud and excited to launch GYMNASIA at Tribeca Immersive 2019.”.

Sundance Film Festival to Feature 18 VR & AR Experiences Next Month

Road to VR

Park City, Utah is already preparing for next month’s annual Sundance Film Festival, and this time around 18 AR & VR films and exhibitions are set to debut at the festival’s New Frontier program. ” The 2019 Sundance Film Festival runs from January 24th, 2019 through February 3rd, 2019 in Park City , Utah. THE DIAL (AR). The Seven Ages of Man (AR). Last Whispers: An Immersive Oratorio.

Bring Your VR Avatar Into The Real World Using AR Tech


Geenee AR’s unique software uses full-body tracking to let you wear NFT clothing and accessories. Geenee AR has partnered with Ready Player Me to help bring your digital identity to the real world. Image Credit: Geenee AR x Ready Player Me.

AR 336

SIGGRAPH 2018 Expands Its VR Showcase With New ‘Immersive Pavilion’ In Vancouver


For Pol Jeremias, chair of the VR, AR, and MR program at the SIGGRAPH 2018 expo , it was vital to conquer that issue at this year’s convention. “It In line with this year’s explosion of talent in virtual and augmented reality, SIGGRAPH 2018 has chosen to expand its focus on VR, AR, and MR by introducing the Immersive Pavilion. The idea behind the Immersive Pavilion is to create a single destination for attendees that are interested in these technologies,” says Jeremias. “In

Google & Red Bull Launch AR-Enhanced On-Demand Video Experience


Computer vision and AR technology bring Mount Kilimanjaro to life in your living room. Those watching on a Chromecast with Google TV or an Android TV OS device can immerse themselves even further in the thought-provoking documentary with a captivating AR experience powered via your smartphone.

Google 316

AR Takes Center Stage At SXSW 2020


The annual festival will debut new AR experiences from Magic Leap, Intel, and director Virginia Galloway. Attendees of the SXSW Trade Show in Austin, TX will be the first to experience the next phase of movie and concert entertainment powered by cutting-edge AR technology.

AR 352

Adobe Purchases Oculus Medium Immersive 3D Sculpting App


Originally released in December of 2016 alongside the Oculus Touch controllers, the popular sculpting/modeling/painting tool has been used on numerous high profile projects, from the production of AAA VR games like Archangel: Hellfire , to the development of concept art for various feature films.

Artist Carrie Able Believes VR/AR Will Help Drive Collaboration


I am working to inform a global audience about how immersive art can increase accessibility and cross-cultural communication. Just as in film production, a vast amount of skill sets are needed to produce the final product of a profound XR experience. News AR Augmented Reality VR Art

AR 264

John Hopkins Adds VR & AR To University Curriculum


The Immersive Storytelling & Emerging Technologies concentration to include VR, AR and AI in its Film & Media Masters of Arts Program this January. For years the school has prided itself in its ability to progress with the times, especially in its Film & Media Master of Arts program which currently features the United States most diverse graduate group across gender, race and ethnicity.

AR 240

AR Documentary Short Fortune! Shines A Spotlight On The World’s Greatest Con Man


Sundance Film Festival’s 2021 New Frontier showcase is currently in full swing, offering attendees a plethora of genre-defying entertainment available via a custom-built social platform composed of a virtual gallery, cinema house, and lounge area. The post AR Documentary Short Fortune!

AR 265

Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier Exhibit Puts AR and VR In The Spotlight

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Various events have sprung up as VR and AR continue to grow and conferences and showcases focused solely on the technologies are certainly needed, but it’s encouraging to see it break ground along with other industries. The Sundance Film Festival, started in 1978, has grown into the largest independent film festival in the US and presents works from American and international filmmakers alike. Tagged with: ar , display , Exhibit , New Frontier , sundance film festival , VR.

How Astronauts Are Using VR & AR Aboard The ISS


Thanks to jaw-dropping VR films like Space Explorers: An ISS Experience and educational games such as Mission: ISS , anyone with a VR headset has the ability to experience life aboard the International Space Station.

AR 426

Top Music Festival Organizers Are Going All-In On VR And AR-Enhanced Live Experiences


The 7th Annual DEW Expo introduced a wealth of marketers ready to adopt immersive technology. . The success of these events all revolve around delivering an experience, and Goodstone realizes that immersive technology is about to drastically change an industry that he knows all too well.

AR 326

Sundance 2021 Will Host Its New Frontier Program In VR


In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this years’ Sundance Film Festival will be conduced remotely via a custom-built spatialized online platform, allowing visitors to interact with each other as well as the exhibits via their computer or VR headset.

EarthXFilm Partners With UN & NYC To Develop Immersive Experiences For Climate Week


Raising climate awareness with 360-degree films and multi-sensory experiences. EarthxInteractive, a subsidiary of EarthxFilm specializing in environmentally-conscious immersive storytelling, has announced a partnership with the United Nations and the City of New York to provide a series of climate-focused 360-degree films and immersive experiences for their annual Climate Week in NYC.

The 10 Coolest VR/AR Experiences From SXSW 2022


Masked or otherwise (Texas is pretty lax), a frenzy of wild-eyed art, music, film, and XR-hungry visitors flooded into Austin for a week of back-to-back programming. Goliath is incredibly colorful with images that immerse you deep in the struggles of mental illness.

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Prologue Immersive Introduces Spatialand VR Interface

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With a single film, this design — arguably the impetus of all gesture-based technology ever since — was cemented in the collective consciousness. This is of course due to the increased capability and availability of VR and AR headsets, but moreso, to the evolution of interface design. This year, Prologue Immersive has done just that — they have actualized an elegant, fully functional VR interface. Prologue has already made an impact on the VR/AR community.