Report: Apple Health Possibly Coming To Oculus Quest


According to a new report by Bloomberg , Facebook may be working with fellow tech giant Apple to bring the Apple Health platform to Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets. Image Credit: Facebook, Oculus. Image Credit: Apple.

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Report: Apple Hires Meta’s XR Head of Public Relations

Road to VR

Apple may be nearing launch of its long-awaited XR headsets, as the company has reportedly hired Meta’s head of communications for its consumer XR products. Schubert joined Meta (then Facebook) in March 2016 for the launch of the company’s first consumer VR headset, Oculus Rift.

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New Quest Update Adds Apple Magic Keyboard Support & More


Here’s what’s coming this month to Quest headsets: Image Credit: Apple. Support for the Apple Magic Keyboard. Update v37 offers Mac users the chance to enhance their VR web browsing and coworking experiences with the introduction of Apple Magic Keyboard support.

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Interview with Robert Scoble about Oculus Quest 2, Apple Glasses and more!

The Ghost Howls

In the interview with me, he talked about many topics, like the rumors he heard on Apple Glasses, on the Oculus Quest 2 , the America vs China war, XR entrepreneurship, Tesla, and more! Apple is (maybe) already testing Apple Glasses in the wild. How will Apple Glasses be?

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Oculus Quest v37 update adds unexpected Apple support


The latest Oculus software update for the Quest 2 headset has arrived and it brings several additions to the virtual reality headset. Chief among these additions is official support for the Apple Magic Keyboard. Oculus originally added support for some keyboards back in update v28.

Rumor: ‘Apple Glass’ AR Headset Will Retail At $499, Works With iPhone


New leaks may reveal additional information regarding Apple’s long-rumored AR device. According to Powell, who claims to have seen a prototype of the headset, the “Apple Glass” will feature an all-plastic design, though the final product may feature a metal option as well.

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Report: Apple Acquires 3D VR Streaming Company NextVR


According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman , Apple acquired the 3D VR streaming company NextVR. Its content is available through its own NextVR app on a number of headsets, along with occasional appearances on other platforms such as Oculus Venues.

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Apple Hints At VR/AR Work Once More With Oculus, Magic Leap Hires


Apple VR Industry News apple hires Magic Leap oculus

Oculus Move VR workout system might sync with Apple Health


Apple’s mobile ecosystem has been marked by two main pillars in the past few years. Archive Apple Computing Facebook Fitness Mobile oculus Virtual reality VR

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Oculus Update Brings Apple's Magic Keyboard to the Metaverse

GizModo VR

Apple might not be interested in the “metaverse ” just yet, but that won’t stop its products from finding their way in. Read more.

Netflix Just Launched Its Own VR Game On Oculus Quest 2


Apparently, however, Netflix launched its own VR game months ago on Oculus Quest headsets. The gameplay is fairly simple: players navigate around a variety of obstacles while collecting apples which can be used as biofuel to power their sweet ride.

Oculus 378

Oculus Mum on Rift Support for MacOS in the Wake of Apple’s VR Announcements

Road to VR

Apple this week showed it’s getting serious about the VR medium with platform-spanning VR announcements this week crossing both hardware and software. With SteamVR and the Vive on their way to Mac, eyes turn to Oculus, but the company isn’t ready to commit to MacOS. It wasn’t uncommon to see developers building and running VR applications on Apple computers. Photo courtesy Apple. SEE ALSO 3 Moves Oculus is Borrowing from Apple's Marketing Playbook.

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Editorial: With Apple Approaching, Meta Needs A More Intuitive VR User Experience

Upload VR

But with Apple approaching the market, Meta needs to change its approach to user interface and experience in VR headsets. But with PSVR2 specs announced and Apple’s VR/AR headset potentially arriving as soon as this year , competition is on the rise. .

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Report: Facebook May Integrate Oculus Move With Apple Health

Upload VR

According to a new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman , Facebook may integrate Oculus Move data with Apple Health, allowing users to transfer and track their VR fitness session data to external Apple devices.

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Apple Reportedly In Talks To Purchase VR Live Streaming Platform NextVR


According to a new report by 9to5Mac , Apple is currently in the process of acquiring VR/AR live streaming platform NextVR for a modest $100M. With the potential financial backing of Apple, however, there’s no limit to how this technology could be used.

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Report: Apple Targeting 2022 For Oculus Quest Competitor, 2023 For AR Glasses


Apple may release a VR/AR headset with rich mixed reality features in 2022 and then lightweight AR glasses in 2023, according to a report from The Information. The Information claims these details were revealed at a large presentation to around 1000 employees, indicating that Apple’s VR/AR teams are larger than previously thought. It is described as resembling Facebook’s Oculus Quest, but with a sleeker design. Apple apple apple ar Oculus Quest top stories

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Facebook Horizon Workrooms Adds Remote Desktop Support For Apple M1 Macs

Upload VR

Facebook Horizon Workrooms added support for Apple’s M1 Mac computers, which should allow users to bring the latest Macbook Pro, Air and Mac Mini models into Workrooms via remote desktop software.

Facebook Launches “Hey Facebook” Wake Word For Voice Commands On Oculus Quest 2


The Oculus Quest 2 goes “hands-free” with this week’s latest update. It looks like the Oculus Quest 2 is in the middle of a growth spurt. Facebook announced Voice Commands for the Oculus Quest last year. Image Credit: Facebook, Oculus.

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Editorial: Oculus Quest 2 Is Becoming A VR Personal Computer

Upload VR

Earlier this week I installed Blizzard’s Hearthstone, Apple Music, and the flatscreen Android version of Netflix on Oculus Quest 2. In the middle of my space sat the Oculus browser, offering the whole Web floating in front of me.

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Report: Apple In Development Of VR/AR Headset & AR Glasses, First Device Launches 2022


A new report pushes the rumored launch date of Apple’s AR device by two years; hints at a second, sleeker device. This past October, TF International Securities analyst and veteran Apple researcher Ming-Chi Kuo released research indicating that Apple would be launching its long-rumored AR headset during the second quarter of 2020 and would be partnering third-party eyeglass brands, hinting at a modular design. Image Credit: Apple. Feature Image Credit: Apple.

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Spatial Beats: Apple, Magic Leap & Oculus

AR Insider

This week, we look at Apple’s moves across the spatial spectrum, Magic Leap 2, And Oculus Quest game sales among other items. Let’s dive in… Apple VR rumors mounting up. Apple Maps ‘Look Around’ Feature expands to more cities.

Facebook’s Bosworth On Apple VR: ‘It’s Good For Consumers’

Upload VR

Last week, a new report from Bloomberg indicated that Apple is working on a high-end standalone headset that is “mostly virtual reality” with some limited AR features. In his latest Instagram AMA, one user asked Bosworth what his thoughts were on the Apple VR/AR standalone headset.

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Report: Apple to Acquire Live Event Streaming Company NextVR for $100M

Road to VR

NextVR, the live event broadcasting platform for VR headsets, may soon find itself acquired by Apple, a report by 9to5Mac maintains, which is expected to be valued around $100 million. At the time of this writing, neither Apple nor NextVR have commented on the alleged acquisition.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.05.25): new rumors on Apple Glasses, Oculus Quest anniversary, HP Reverb G2 and more!

The Ghost Howls

Apple Glasses may release in 2021 for $499. In the end, technologist Jon Prosser has revealed the main details he knows about the Apple Glasses. It is weird that Apple wants to create a new standard even there. Apple is doing a great job of masking what it is actually doing.

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Netflix Releases Free VR Game, Eden Unearthed, On App Lab For Oculus Quest

Upload VR

Netflix has released a VR game called Eden Unearthed on App Lab for Oculus Quest, available now for free. App Lab apps are not indexed in the same manner as Oculus Store titles, meaning that they can essentially be published without anyone else knowing if nobody is given the App Lab link.

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Report: Facebook Working On New Oculus Quest With Improved Design & Controls


Bloomberg reports Facebook is working on a new, more comfortable Oculus Quest. The current version of the Oculus Quest weighs about 1.25 Reports state Facebook is also exploring 120Hz displays for the new Oculus Quest and improved ergonomic controllers with full finger tracking.

First Look: Oculus Venues and Oculus TV


These apps hope to make the Oculus Go your next entertainment device. The $200 standalone VR headset from Oculus has finally arrived. the Oculus Go is part of Oculus’ larger goal to getting one billion consumers into VR. Whether you have an Android or iPhone mobile device, you can immediately get started with Oculus Go ( See our review here ). With Oculus Go, iPhone users around the world can now finally jump into VR with something comparable. Oculus TV.

Oculus 174

Apple Embraces VR: Every Virtual Reality Announcement From Today’s WWDC Keynote

Road to VR

At Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference today, the company made a major shift in their embrace of virtual reality with several new VR announcements during the event’s opening keynote. Though well loved, Apple’s computer lineup got somewhat left in the dust at the launch of the Rift and Vive, both of which had hardware requirements that exceeded what Apple had on offer. Today marks a major shift in Apple’s public support for virtual reality.

Apple VR headset in the works, AR glasses coming later

Digital Trends

Apple Computing News AirPods Apple Silicon AR Augmented Reality m1 Oculus Virtual Reality VRTop-shelf components expected along with an ultra-premium price tag.

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Oculus Quest Pro? Everything We Know About Facebook’s Next VR Headset

Upload VR

Hints from Facebook higher-ups and references in Oculus firmware suggest an Oculus Quest Pro standalone VR headset is in development. What new features and improvements will it have compared with the current Oculus Quest 2?

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‘Hey Facebook’ Wake Words Roll Out To Oculus Quest 2

Upload VR

Oculus Quest 2 owners can now address Facebook directly while using the headset to accomplish certain tasks with the phrase “Hey Facebook.”

Oculus Quest Gets iPhone Notifications, Files App For Browser

Upload VR

The latest Oculus Quest software enables iOS users to see their iPhone lock screen notifications while in VR. Consulting Oculus CTO John Carmack recently suggested Facebook was on a path to try and displace tablets and Chromebooks for some budget-conscious computer buyers with its VR headsets.

Report: Apple Acquires VR & AR Eye-tracking Company SMI

Road to VR

A report from MacRumors provides compelling evidence that Apple has quietly acquired SMI, also known as SensoMotoric Instruments, a company specializing in eye-tracking technology. The company has demonstrated its eye-tracking solution in the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and other head-mounted displays. MacRumors reports that the company was quietly acquired by Apple sometime between May 2nd and July 26th, 2017.

Year In Review: The Biggest VR & AR Stories Of 2021

Upload VR

Editorial: Oculus Quest 2 Developer Success Marks New Era For VR. Oculus ‘App Lab’: Quest Platform Gets Non-Store App Distribution. Report: Apple’s Dual 8K VR Headset With Eye Tracking Could Cost $3000. Kuo: Apple’s VR Headset Around $1000, AR Glasses Pushed To 2025.

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The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.09.22): Oculus working on AR glasses with Luxottica, Apple glasses FOV discovered and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Considering that Facebook is very smart also in leaking misleading info (as it has happened with the “Monterey” headset ), this can also be a move from Menlo Park to create hype for the upcoming Oculus Connect 6 and the AR glasses that will be teased there. We may know the field of view of Apple AR headset. Of course, since he has not an Apple HMD, the only thing he could obtain was the screen splitting in two on his phone, showing that view that we XR developers know very well.

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The XR Week Peek (2021.04.05): Rumors on a Apple headset intensify, Quest 2 sales grow fast, and more!

The Ghost Howls

The rumors on the Apple Glasses are intensifying. It is not a secret that Apple is working on an XR device: the mystery is when it is going to release it and what it will actually be. The hype is rising, and Apple is playing with it.

Apple 210

The XR Week Peek (2020.05.17): Apple Glasses are sleek, UE5 rises hype, NVIDIA releases CloudXR SDK, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Apple glasses are coming in 2021–2022 and they are incredibly sleek. Apple glasses are coming. This week, the analysts Ming-Chi Kuo has teased that Apple Glasses are coming in 2022 at the earliest (2022–2023 timeline). Apple is really good at selling stuff.

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