Apple Developers Join The WebVR Community Group


You could be on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, on a PC, Mac, smartphone, or even a Nintendo Wii and you’re still gonna see the same website. Today, Brandon Jones from Google (who is one of the chairs in the official WebVR Community Group ,) noticed that developers from Apple have officially joined the group. In the Community Group there are 147 non-Chair participants as of the time of this writing. WebVR apple webvr

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Apple Developers Join WebVR Community Group Shaping the Future of VR on the Web

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With Apple’s newly public interest in VR , developers from the company have join the W3C WebVR Community Group to have a say in the development of the WebVR standard. SEE ALSO Apple Adds VR Rendering Essentials to MacOS via Metal 2.

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Apple’s Job Listings Seek ‘VR File Format Engineer’, ‘VR Pipeline Engineer’, & More

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Now that Apple is being open about their interest in VR the company is publicly listing new job postings for a number of roles seeking candidates with VR expertise. See Also: Apple Adds VR Rendering Essentials to MacOS via Metal 2.

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Microsoft Joins OpenXR, Becoming a Decisive Backer in the Open, Royalty-free VR/AR Standard

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Khronos Group , the consortium behind the OpenXR project which aims to standardize the way applications communicate with AR and VR headsets, just added Microsoft to its ranks. image courtesy Khronos Group. Up until now, it wasn’t clear which way Microsoft was headed.

Report: Apple Using VR to Test Self-Driving System


Virtual reality is being used to test Apple’s self-driving vehicle. According to a Bloomberg report on Tuesday, Apple will be able to continue to keeping their secretive plans to develop self-driving software behind closed doors thanks to virtual reality. News Apple Automotive

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Is Apple Working On A VR headset?


Apple has been in the news recently and I do not mean because their iPhone sales are slowing. Some members are even "borrowed" from the Microsoft's HoloLens group. Apple Granted VR Headset Patent Prototypes VR Headsets Being Tested?

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Apple Mum on AR/VR for iPhone 7, but Here’s How We Know They’re Still Working on It

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Yesterday Apple held a keynote presentation to update the world on their latest products. It’s too early for Apple to jump into the AR/VR game. That much was made clear on stage at the company’s latest keynote where they revealed the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2.

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Video Gives Us a Peek Into the Future of How AR and VR Will Work Together

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Known recently for their whimsical open source keyboard (and magnificently weird blobby-guy), Normal is a group of remotely-located developers that are using their own technology to make developing from separate locations an easier experience.

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Microsoft Windows VR Headset Devices Coming in April 2017


Microsoft product lineup surprised everyone today, but the biggest surprise was planned for VR fans. Not only are these devices cheaper than the Oculus Rift and Vive, but Microsoft says they’re better too. “These headsets will be the first and only to ship with inside-out, six degrees of freedom sensors,” said Terry Myerson, Executive VP of the Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.09.16): Cosmos released, iOS 13 has support for AR glasses, DAQRI fails and much more!

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HTC has launched a new headset, we have another confirmation of Apple glasses, we read about the first hands-on on Kura glasses, and many other things have happened! It seems that DAQRI hasn’t managed to find new investors; The competition of Microsoft. What a week for the XR ecosystem!

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Burberry Integrates Apple AR Tech into its Fashion App


Burberry Group Plc is the latest luxury brand to experiment with augmented reality, adding technology from Apple Inc. 2014 then-CEO Angela Ahrendts left Burberry to join Apple as an executive in.

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AR/VR M&A Timeline: Facebook, GoPro, HP, Apple Begin To Grab.


AR/VR M&A Timeline: Facebook, GoPro, HP, Apple Begin To Grab Startups In the wake of Facebook’s high-profile acquisition of Oculus VR, corporates from HP to GoPro are snapping up augmented reality and virtual reality startups.

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AR will mean dystopia if we don’t act today

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Apple’s ARKit algorithms wouldn’t work with Google’s ARCore data even if Google gave them access. Apple has always done a great job of this. Values-driven companies like Mozilla or Apple will have a trust advantage over other platforms whose values we don’t know.

Is Microsoft Surface Laptop a Disappointment?


During its newly established EDU event, Microsoft announced Windows 10 S (S for Student, not for Superman ), a new Surface laptop and several partner PCs. Just as Apple started to run out of steam, Google came to the front with its cloud-driven Chromebooks.

AR+VR Weekly: New HBR enterprise MR data, Apple rebuilding Maps and big news from Niantic

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In addition to keeping you up-to-date on the top AR+VR news, funding activity, and launch announcements, here are there three stories you need to know: Enterprise interest in MR, Apple Vans hit the streets and Pikachu gets more real. Meanwhile, Apple is rebuilding its Apple Maps from the ground up including the use of Apple Vans equipped with LiDAR to scan the world. These maps will come in handy for Apple’s AR efforts.

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Editorial: Smartphones Won’t Be Replaced By VR And AR Headsets, Yet


Some industry players have already talked about the death of the smartphone , but those groups also missed out on the smartphone altogether so they’re ambitious to move on to the next platform. The best examples of this are the Magic Leap prototypes, Microsoft Hololens and Qualcomm’s VR reference design. Simply put, nobody is going to go out and spend upward of $900 on an Apple AR headset if they cannot get the same or better applications that they had on their smartphone.

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The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


This is not NASA’s first foray into mixed reality – they also have a partnership with the Microsoft Hololens for support on the ISS as well. Another key to Apple’s larger plans might have just been revealed: the dual camera in the iPhone 7.

Alex Kipman Nominated for Inventor’s Award

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The Brazilian-born inventor gets recognition for his groundbreaking work with the Microsoft Hololens. Kipman started his professional career at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, right after graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2001.

Did Seebright Just Launch Google Cardboard for AR?


Case in point is Microsoft’s HoloLens, where a development kit will set you back for $3000. Osterhaut Design Group sells their R-7 glasses for $2799.99. Apple or Google, it doesn’t matter as being platform agnostic is all that counts.”

My predictions for augmented reality in 2019

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On the contrary, Microsoft has worked a lot on the platform, to make it more appealing to enterprise customers. It has released experiences like Microsoft Remote Assist, that let different teams in a company work together to solve maintenance problems. Apple glasses.

This Company is Building an AR Version of ‘Minecraft’ for iOS and Android

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recently teased an update to their project that aims to replicate the official Microsoft version of Minecraft for HoloLens, the company’s $3000 AR headset, and put it on mobile devices capable of running Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit.

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Unreal Engine Adds Oculus Quest Vulkan Support, Unity To Follow ‘Later This Year’


Vulkan was developed by The Khronos Group, a non-profit industry consortium which includes major tech companies like NVIDIA, AMD, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Intel. Vulkan on Android has the same advantages as DirectX 12 on Windows or Metal on Apple operating systems.

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Well-funded AR Headset Startup DAQRI is Shutting Down

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SEE ALSO iOS 13 Code Suggests Apple is Testing Its AR Headset Internally. Much like Microsoft HoloLens, Daqri’s Smart Glasses were created for use by enterprise costumers including manufacturing, field services, maintenance and repair, inspections, construction, etc.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.10.27): Quest sales are not taking off, Minecraft Earth launches in Early Access and much more!

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Image by Microsoft). Microsoft wants to play safe, though, so it is now launching it only in two small countries , so that to identify possible problems only in a small subset of the worldwide population before the big launch. Bloomberg publishes new hints on Apple glasses.

Virtual Reality is officially a fad. I am out

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A consortium made by all the major XR companies of the world (Facebook, HTC, Microsoft, Google, etc…) called Kronos has fed all the data related to VR of the last 50 years into a big AI, to get analytics and predictions about the future of this technology.

This Magic Leap One Demo Offers a Peek into the Future of Multiplayer AR

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That’s not entirely true, as a group of AR/VR developers are currently testing out the headset’s abilities to create multiplayer experiences with a pretty inspiring first success. Magic Leap One, the company’s long-awaited AR headset, has been out for a month now.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.08.05): SIGGRAPH shows cool XR stuff, Vive Cosmos will probably cost £700, VirtualLink may die and much more!

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The working group, that includes all the major XR companies (Oculus, HTC, Intel, NVIDIA, Valve, etc…), facilitated by the Khronos group, has finally agreed on a set of specifications, after having listened to all the feedback that come after the release of the version 0.9.

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Intel to Buy Imagination Technologies or AMD’s RTG?


First Intel – Nvidia deal happened in 2000, when Intel gave the best offer to Microsoft and won the deal for the first Xbox console. More recently, AMD spun off its engineering teams under the Radeon Technologies Group, which is lead by Raja Koduri.

The XR Week Peek (2020.01.20): Oculus Go price cut down to $150, Mojo Vision teases AR contact lenses and much more!

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Microsoft admits display problems on HoloLens 2. Microsoft negated the issue, but now, after continuous reporting from users, it has been forced to admit it. It is also possible that Microsoft is suspending the shipping of the device until this problem gets solved.

Editorial: Beat Saber Acquisition Begins Facebook’s Push Toward Horizon


All that effort and money was just to buy Facebook a seat at the table alongside some of the biggest western platform-holding companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple. With Facebook integration] they have better tools to do that – they can share out to groups and communities.

Top 10 XR Trends for 2019-20

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As researchers continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and companies like Microsoft prototype new haptic devices, we can probably look forward to a near-future where the virtual world will not only look realistic, but also feel real to all our senses.

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Mark Zuckerberg and I are confusing the market about VR and AR and the future of all computing: here’s why we need to stop doing that

Robert Scoble

It isn’t alone, we know of many companies that are spending billions on same, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Sony, Magic Leap, Huawei, and others. Literally everyone in the industry other than Magic Leap and Apple uses Qualcomm’s spatial computing tech stack).

Why ARKit is a Game Changer for VR


It’s been a month since we dove in head-first into Apple’s ARKit and it’s been an incredible ride. We were so blown away with it that we immediately published our findings and set up a Slack group. Shortly after Facebook announced their AR Studio this year, Apple unveiled ARKit.

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Why Israel Is A Hotbed For The AR Industry


Below are some examples: Apple Israel is Apple’s second largest R&D center in the world. Apple’s acquisitions of Israeli startups including PrimeSense, RealFace, LinX, and Anobit helped bring top talent and technologies to its R&D center.

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Editorial: Oculus Quest Is Winning 2019 And Looks Set For 2020 Too


Perhaps most important is that Facebook continues to show a willingness to constantly update, expand and reinvest in Quest’s capabilities and software library where some competitors — I’m looking at you Google and Microsoft — let their initial VR platforms languish.

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Visit the Ancient Rome in VR with Rome Reborn

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I gave a presentation of the first idea of a videodisc of the “ Plastico ” at a private conference held at Apple Computer in 1986 (my talk was published in 1998 here ). So the apps can be purchased in the stores of Apple and Microsoft.

Google Launching WebVR Support for Android Chrome in January, Desktop to Follow

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Most recently, Microsoft announced their support for WebVR in the Edge browser ; Opera and Apple’s Safari are notable holdouts, having not yet said if they plan to support the spec (though employees from both were registered to attend last month’s meeting).

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