Apple Developers Join WebVR Community Group Shaping the Future of VR on the Web

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With Apple’s newly public interest in VR , developers from the company have join the W3C WebVR Community Group to have a say in the development of the WebVR standard. SEE ALSO Apple Adds VR Rendering Essentials to MacOS via Metal 2.

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Report: Apple Developing AR/VR Headset with 8K Resolution Per-eye Slated for 2020

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According to a report by CNET , citing an anonymous “person familiar with Apple’s plans,” the company is working on an AR/VR headset targeting 8K resolution per-eye, scheduled for launch in 2020. Apple Apple AR Apple VR News apple apple ar apple vr

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Report: Apple Could Release an AR Headset as Early as 2020

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With the release of iOS 11, hundreds of millions of Apple devices gained the ability to perform basic augmented reality functions, albeit viewed through the screens of iPhones and iPads. Apple doesn’t plan to sell the headset though, and will likely only use it for testing purposes.

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Is Apple Working On A VR headset?


Apple has been in the news recently and I do not mean because their iPhone sales are slowing. Some members are even "borrowed" from the Microsoft's HoloLens group. Apple Granted VR Headset Patent Prototypes VR Headsets Being Tested?

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Apple Manufacturer Quanta Signs Deal to Mass Produce Lumus AR Display Modules

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Though Quanta is a manufacturer and supplier for a number of major consumer tech companies, like HP and Acer, Bloomberg reports that the company is “one of Apple’s main manufacturing partners,” and gets nearly 60% of its revenue from Apple, which is reportedly developing an AR headset.

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Apple’s ARKit Evolves Pokemon GO


Today at WWDC Apple announced a slew of updates across its many product lines. In addition to showing an HTC Vive finally being powered by an Apple computer, the company also showed off a new slate of developer tools that can help programmers integrate one of Silicon Valley’s hottest buzzwords more fully into the iPhone: augmented reality. AR has been the talk of the town at recent major keynotes from Apple’s big-tech competitors like Google and Facebook.

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HTC Vive announces 6 DOF controllers for Vive Focus and teases hand tracking for Vive Pro

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Today it’s a great day for virtual reality: at WCVRI conference, HTC has just announced a kit to provide 6 DOF controllers for Vive Focus and has showcased a hands-tracking technology for the Vive Pro ! The Venture Reality Fund and of course HTC. Image by HTC).

Google Buying HTC’s Pixel Team for $1.1 Billion


HTC retains brand but lets part of their smartphone business go. billion cooperation agreement under which certain HTC employees – many of whom are already working with Google to develop Pixel smartphones – will join Google. According to the announcement, HTC will receive $1.1

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Final Cut Pro X Arrives With 360 VR Video Editing


View your 360° video projects in realtime on a HTC Vive. During Apple’s June developer conference, we finally got a glimpse of what we’ve all been patiently waiting for—Apple embracing VR. Its simple and intuitive, something we expect from an Apple product.

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‘Mythica VR': VR LARP With D&D-style World Building Hits Kickstarter

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Provided the project reaches its $80,000 funding goal, the studio is aiming to release Mythica VR on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift/DK2, Google Cardboard and with future support for Google Daydream.

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The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


Well, they just joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, which is a prerequisite in order to use Bluetooth in any hardware device – and they joined as an adopter, which mean that they would be building the Bluetooth-enabled products. Also, how will the HTC Vive run wirelessly?

2018 In Review: The Year Standalones Took VR And AR Everywhere


Magic Leap’s CEO Rony Abovitz suggested in our first face-to-face interview ( you can read the entire transcript ) that “big” players like Microsoft and Apple are going to spend ten times that amount investing in this technology. HTC’s Alvin Wang Graylin on the runway with a VR headset. HTC Vive Focus. HTC launched its Vive Focus VR standalone first in China in 2018. Facebook Google HTC Vive HTC Vive Focus VR Industry News 2018 analysis year in review

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.09.09): Vive Cosmos probably on sale at €799, Kura reveals 150° FOV AR glasses, Oculus “Cablegate” and much more!

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The HTC Vive Cosmos may release soon for €799. We all know that the Vive Cosmos should release very soon since HTC revealed me that the release date would have been in Q3 2019 and Q3 ends at the end of the month. Internal iOS 13 code seems to point at Apple AR glasses.

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Microsoft Joins OpenXR, Becoming a Decisive Backer in the Open, Royalty-free VR/AR Standard

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Khronos Group , the consortium behind the OpenXR project which aims to standardize the way applications communicate with AR and VR headsets, just added Microsoft to its ranks. image courtesy Khronos Group.

Virtual Reality is officially a fad. I am out

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A consortium made by all the major XR companies of the world (Facebook, HTC, Microsoft, Google, etc…) called Kronos has fed all the data related to VR of the last 50 years into a big AI, to get analytics and predictions about the future of this technology.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.08.05): SIGGRAPH shows cool XR stuff, Vive Cosmos will probably cost £700, VirtualLink may die and much more!

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Image by HTC). After some weeks of silence, HTC has started again to rise the hype for its upcoming flagship PC VR headset, the Vive Cosmos. HTC has not confirmed nor denied the price, but 90% of cases when this happens, the rumored price is true. Apple is working on AR/VR.

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My predictions for augmented reality in 2019

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Apple glasses. Concept of a future AR glass by Apple (Image by iDropNews). In 2019 we’ll see more strategic acquisitions by Apple and more rumors about an incoming AR glass by Apple.

Weekly Funding Roundup: Lightform gets $26 million, Vive X is investing in 30 startups, Facebook.


Weekly Funding Roundup: Lightform gets $26 million, Vive X is investing in 30 startups, Facebook hiring former Apple engineer, & Sliver VR raised $16 million in VC funding. HTC’s Vive X accelerator program is welcoming more than 30 new VR and AR startups to the fold with investments in North America and Asia. HTC Vive’s investment group also said it planned to open another accelerator in Israel soon. He is listed as an inventor on several Apple patents.

Did Seebright Just Launch Google Cardboard for AR?


Osterhaut Design Group sells their R-7 glasses for $2799.99. Seebright supports both Apple iOS and Google’s Android, with the Seebright SDK featuring an emulator that works on both platforms. Apple or Google, it doesn’t matter as being platform agnostic is all that counts.”

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


Apple acquires computer vision company, the hidden 3D feature in iOS 11 beta, Google experiments with ads in VR, a new VC fund is focusing on VR/AR, the investment and funding wrapup, and more… 1.APPLE DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT THIS ACQUISITION.

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Google Launching WebVR Support for Android Chrome in January, Desktop to Follow

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SEE ALSO Google Shows HTC Vive Running at 90 FPS in Chrome with WebVR. WebVR is gaining significant momentum; last month the biggest players in the browse space came together to discuss the future of VR on the web at the W3C Workshop on Web & Virtual Reality.

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AR+VR Weekly: ARKit 2, VR as big as Netflix by 2022 and AWE USA 2018

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In addition to keeping you up-to-date on the top AR+VR news, funding activity, and launch announcements, here are there three stories you need to know: Apple announced major updates to ARKit, VR to be as big as Netflix by 2022 and AWE USA 2018 reflects ‘Tipping Point’ for explosive XR industry growth. Apple also revealed a partnership with Adobe and Pixar on a new AR file format, USDZ and a sneak peek at its upcoming avatar platform, Memoji.

SIGGRAPH 2017: Neurable Lets You Control A Virtual World With Your Mind


At SIGGRAPH this week the Boston-based startup is showing its modified HTC Vive which include EEG ( Electroencephalography ) sensors along the interior of the headstrap. This is combined with eye-tracking technology from German firm SMI, which may have just been acquired by Apple.

Pixvana Reveals 10K VR Video Player and Publishing Platform ‘SPIN’

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As ‘platform agnostic’ player, we’re sure to see apps available for headsets such as Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, and Oculus Rift. Company founders come from senior product and engineering leadership roles at Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and Lucasfilm.

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Vive Hangs Onto Steam Majority Market Share as Windows VR Headsets Enter the Fray

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According to the just-released November figures from Steam’s Hardware & Software Survey, the HTC Vive has scraped its way back from nearly losing the majority market share of VR headsets in use on Steam last month, finally ending a months long streak of Rift marketshare gains on the platform.

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The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


The Cree are the largest group of First Nations in Canada with 135 registered bands and over 200,000 members, and they are using the latest technology to help ensure that their traditional language lives on.

All the most important AR and VR news from the GDC 2018

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HTC has finally revealed the price of the Vive Pro : it will cost $799 just to have the headset (no controller and no base stations, so you must already have a Vive 1 kit) and will be available for pre-orders since April, 5th.

How VR Can Get To A Hundred Million Headsets By 2024


Here’s how the Khronos Group describes OpenXR’s immediate benefit: The cross-platform VR standard eliminates industry fragmentation by enabling applications to be written once to run on any VR system, and to access VR devices integrated into those VR systems to be used by applications.

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Microsoft Research Demonstrates VR Controller Prototypes With Unique Haptic Technology

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Linear actuators tend to offer more haptic ‘detail’ and responsiveness, as can be found in Apple’s ‘Taptic Engine’, the HTC Vive controllers, an the Oculus Touch controllers. The research group’s findings are promising even at this early stage.

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Weekly Funding & People Roundup: TheWaveVR Raises $4M, Pluto.


The Austin, Texas-based startup has created a social VR music platform where performers can create music while wearing a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset and spectators can watch the whole experience.

There Will Be No Proto Awards In 2017, Return Planned In 2018


Apple’s eye-catching ARKit is on the verge of release alongside a series of Microsoft-backed VR headsets. Facebook’s Oculus dramatically dropped Rift’s price and Valve is building a second generation of the innovative tracking technology deployed by HTC that could alter the VR landscape. The organizers of VR’s biggest awards ceremony, The Proto Awards, say they won’t be hosting an event in 2017.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


Currently available for free on the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift (sorry, mobile VR users), Blocks is a new app from Google that lets anyone create 3D objects without training. APPLE IS HIRING FOR VR/AR POSITIONS.

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Enterprise Wearable & Immersive Tech 2018: Magic Leap, Exosuits and VR Training, Training, Training


Going into 2019, the industry eagerly awaits HoloLens 2 and Glass Enterprise Edition 2, as rumors swirl around the possibility of AR glasses from Apple and/or Facebook in the near future. The pilot, which used an iPad and HTC Vive powered by Marxent’s 3D Cloud Service, showed that VR increases average order value by 60%. In the virtual reality space, HTC targeted enterprise with the debut of the Vive Pro VR Kit intended for work applications like training and design.

Virtual Reality is Here, and Events Will Never Be the Same


A fully immersive environment requires dedicated hardware like an Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, or Sony Playstation VR. For smartphone VR, Google and Apple provide toolkits for developing VR-ready content.

As UploadVR Turns 2 We Reflect On The First Full Year of Consumer VR


Oculus and HTC had been holding details surrounding Rift and Vive launch windows close to the chest, probably because they had delays to announce and need to nail down new plans. First, HTC delays the Vive until April 2016, with plans to show an updated developer kit at CES in January.