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Unreal Engine 4.18 Update Brings Native Support for ARKit and ARCore, SteamVR Support for Mac

Road to VR

Epic Game’s Unreal Engine is making it easier to create for augmented reality in the newest 4.18 update, now including official support for Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore software dev kits, and support for SteamVR on Mac. ‘Production-ready’ support for Apple’s ARKit working on iOS11 was initially announced during Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X unveiling last month. ” Unreal Engine 4.18

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The XR Week Peek (2021.03.08): Microsoft launches Mesh, HTC and Pico tease new hardware, and more!

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If Microsoft commits to building this platform and doesn’t abandon it (a la Google), it can become an incredible tool for us developers. They could build together something that could seriously compete with Facebook and Apple: let’s keep an eye on them. Image by HTC).


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Apple Unveils ARKit For Augmented Reality


Apple is jumping firmly into the world of augmented reality. Apple also showed off what the new development tool would look like with the popular AR game Pokemon Go. Apple also mentioned AR apps from IKEA and Lego. The more sophisticated demo, made in Unreal Engine, shows a complex world war taking place with spaceships and explosions. ARKit has support for Unity, Unreal Engine and Scenekit and will be coming to iPad and iPhone.

The XR Week Peek (2020.10.26): DecaGear is an intriguing VR headset, HTC is working on a new device, and more!

The Ghost Howls

A new FCC listing appears for an HTC Vive headset. And in fact, a new request to FCC for a new device has arrived from HTC. Since HTC has always made announcements during the CES, I think it will be announced in January. HTC launches Vive XR Suite.

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2018 In Review: The Year Standalones Took VR And AR Everywhere


Magic Leap’s CEO Rony Abovitz suggested in our first face-to-face interview ( you can read the entire transcript ) that “big” players like Microsoft and Apple are going to spend ten times that amount investing in this technology. HTC’s Alvin Wang Graylin on the runway with a VR headset. HTC Vive Focus. HTC launched its Vive Focus VR standalone first in China in 2018. Facebook Google HTC Vive HTC Vive Focus VR Industry News 2018 analysis year in review

Did Seebright Just Launch Google Cardboard for AR?


Thus, AR manufacturers sell their development products by passing the cost onto the end user, while VR development is subsidized by all – Oculus shipped ‘devkits’ for $349.99, HTC Vive PRE program shipped over 10,000 units for free, OSVR is very cheap, and makers like Deepoon go for as low as $249.99. Next iteration of Google Android OS will feature Daydream UI and we feel it might be the main feature of upcoming Android.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


You can enjoy the full audio recording below: In this week’s VRScout Report, we discuss Oculus Story Studio’s Henry Emmy win, NASA training astronauts with virtual reality gloves, Snapchat flirting with augmented reality, HTC Vive trying to go wireless, and iPhone laying potential plans for VR/AR. Also, how will the HTC Vive run wirelessly? Another key to Apple’s larger plans might have just been revealed: the dual camera in the iPhone 7.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


Apple finally talks about VR while taking a (very solid) swing at AR, Walmart will use virtual reality to train employees, you can grow better weed with AR + AI, and Q1 VR headset sales…. APPLE ACTUALLY TALKS ABOUT VR. To many eager iOS users out there (myself included), Apple’s refusal to release or even discuss anything VR-related has been frustrating. APPLE TAKES A (VERY SOLID) SWING AT AUGMENTED REALITY. However… we’re still waiting for those apple AR glasses.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


Google wants you to play with Blocks, this smartphone wants you to get rid of your headset, a new marketplace connecting content creators with funding, the price of the Oculus Rift is slashed, the investment & funding wrapup, and more… 1. GOOGLE WANTS YOU TO PLAY WITH BLOCKS. Google understands that the future of computing is 3D—and the computers of tomorrow will need lots of 3D objects to populate just about everything. APPLE IS HIRING FOR VR/AR POSITIONS.

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How the Stock Market is Showing Faith in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)


One-year price performance for MSFT, AAPL, GOOGL, SNE, and NVDA According to the latest report from Statista , the global augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) markets are rapidly growing and are forecast to reach a total of $72.8

The XR Week Peek (2020.02.10): Lynx launches MR standalone headset, Facebook acquires Scape and much more!

The Ghost Howls

I wonder if Facebook has already taken the decision of leaving the enterprise market to HTC and Pico , while focusing on the much bigger piece of cake of the consumer market. Let’s see how Apple and Google will answer. Google Glass 2 is now available for direct purchase.

Kelly Peng reveals Kura 150° FOV AR glasses expected price and release date

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Will a little startup be able to beat the big behemoths like Apple and Facebook? High-precision 6DOF tracking, eye tracking, gesture inputs, with dedicated input controllers The SDK will support Unity , with Unreal coming Soon.

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5 Ways to Break into Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at Home


Apple seems to be cornering the popular entertainment industry, with the acquisition of NextVR, as industry rivals such as Magic Leap focus on enterprise solutions. You probably have heard of well-known models such as the Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, Playstation VR, and HTC VIVE?—?these

Best Places To Learn AR and VR Development Online in 2020

Hypergrid Business

Unreal Engine 4 is also an industry standard although it has a steeper learning curve than Unity. Examples are HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Cardboard and other that are now very popular VR platforms for building experiences. (Image courtesy RAEng Publications via Pixabay.).

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All the most important AR and VR news from the GDC 2018

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HTC has finally revealed the price of the Vive Pro : it will cost $799 just to have the headset (no controller and no base stations, so you must already have a Vive 1 kit) and will be available for pre-orders since April, 5th. The problem is that HTC has decided to target this headset to professionals only , as HTC President for the Chinese Region Alvin Wang Graylin has told me both during an interview with him and after my hands-on with the device. Google AR apps.

A 2020 XR Year-In-Review, with MetaVRse' Alan & Julie Smithson, and Alex Colgan

XR for Business Podcast

And so Apple bought them shortly thereafter. So SPACES was acquired quietly by Apple this year. And Apple also earlier this year acquired NextVR, which-- that company has all the licensing rights to real-time capture in 360 of NASCAR, and NBA, and all of the other sports. So now Apple has the rights to 360 stream or VR stream sports, so that's pretty cool. We heard from Alvin Wang Graylin from HTC talking about 2021 and beyond. But then you look at Unreal.

Exclusive: Here’s How Fantastic Contraption VR Devs Generated More Than $1 Million


It released with the launch of the HTC Vive in early 2016 and Facebook’s Oculus Touch controllers for Rift late in the year. Other teams in this group include Survios ( which is funded by investors to the tune of $50 million ) and Owlchemy Labs ( acquired by Google ). They recall demos of Owlchemy’s Job Simulator, Google’s Tilt Brush and Valve’s early robot demo, each of which made excellent use of those hand controls.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.08.11): Gear VR is over, Go long term future is uncertain, Huawei teases its metaverse and much more!

The Ghost Howls

The winner of this analytics is the Playstation VR, with a revenue share of 30% of the total VR market , compared with Oculus’s 25% and HTC’s 22%. HTC Vive is at the second place; Oculus Quest, even if it is so new, has already gathered a lot of interest from developers; Gaming is still the most popular content developed in XR, but now there is also interest in other kinds of applications , like entertainment (e.g. Apple moves top executive to AR glasses team.

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Delivering Digital Meatballs in AR, with IKEA’s Martin Enthed

XR for Business Podcast

And then the Apple guys came with a brilliant ARKit, and it worked beautifully. And then just recently now you might have read that we have made a new thing with the new Apple iPad, with the LiDAR stuff, adding functionality that wasn't possible before. And the equivalent from an iOS phone is used Apple's version of USD, that Pixar has defined. And then Apple comes along and says, "No, here's a new format.". Martin: I think Apple is part of the board in Khronos still.

The XR Week Peek (2020.08.17): Facebook Horizon avatars revealed, Mozilla dismantles its XR team, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Outside VR, the big news to keep an eye on is the dispute between Epic Games and Apple (and Google), which could lead to a complete change in how app stores are managed, even in VR. The HTC Cosmos Play will be an enterprise headset.

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HP’s PC Chief Ron Coughlin Talks Expanding To VR


Coughlin believes HP is taking share from its Windows PC rivals as well as from Apple. Not only are we taking share from Windows competitors, but for the first time in years we’re taking share from Apple in the premium category. We started this journey probably a year and a half ago, announcing a partnership with HTC on the Vive. In the VR space in particular, we spent a lot of time with HTC, but we’re also supporting Oculus in our configurations. PCs aren’t dead yet.

Lindero Edutainment: Equal Parts of Education and Entertainment Make Our Secret VR Recipe


Lindero's first product was an educational application/software called “ Milo and Brandie’s Jungle Adventure ”, released on Apple Store and Google Play. Lindero's VR content was designed for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which is accessible to a niche audience able to afford headsets and additional hardware; VR's financial premises hence enter a tug-of-war with the general audience's desire to enjoy free content.