Amazon Shows What Lumberyard Can Do For VR With Free Showcase


Wondering what Amazon’s videogame development engine, Lumberyard, can do for VR? Lumberyard might not be the most prominent engine in the industry right now, but Amazon is trying to build momentum, especially on the VR side. The first of these is a video playback demo, a feature Amazon says has been long requested by its community and was implemented into the Beta 1.7 Tagged with: Amazon , development , lumberyard. VR Industry News Amazon development lumberyard

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WebXR Device API Working Draft Published


The WebXR Device API “describes support for accessing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices, including sensors and head-mounted displays, on the Web.” ” When paired with 3D content made in WebGL, the API can turn a standard URL or web address into a portal to another world. Most VR developers build interactive virtual worlds in engines like Unreal and Unity.


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GDC 2018: Sketchfab Launches Download API, Bringing Fast 3D Model Searching To Developers


Sketchfab’s Download API allows you to do all of that within game engines such as Unity and Unreal and even when working inside VR. That means you can quickly search for any kind of object you might be looking for to build a virtual world and then just pull it straight into your existing work under Creative Commons licensing. Partnerships with Amazon Sumerian, Substance, Modo, High Fidelity, Sansar, The Wavr VR, Masterpiece VR and Meta are also in the works.

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Assembling a Billion Polygons in Real-Time, with Epic Game’s Marc Petit

XR for Business Podcast

With the next generation of Playstation set to hit shelves this holiday season, the big news in the gaming circuit is the revelation of Unreal Engine 5. Unreal Engine manager Marc Petit explains the many other use cases this technology promises. Today, we're speaking with Marc Petit, general manager of Unreal Engine at Epic Games. And of course, what's coming up with Unreal Engine 5? I mean, a game is everything about a simulated world and a story mixed together.

Valve Index: A good fit?

The Ghost Howls

If you are interested in ergonomics in virtual reality, today is your lucky day. June 28 th was a key date this year for a group of Virtual Reality enthusiasts who received on launch day, the first delivery of the new “ Valve Index ” PCVR system. As my previous article on ergonomics explained, the facial interface is the primary physical interface for a Virtual Reality headset , the secondary physical interface is the harness. virtual reality vr

Who Will Own the Metaverse?

AR Insider

In his 1984 classic Neuromancer, characters entered a virtual reality world called “the matrix” (inspiration for the 1999 film of the same name by the Wachowskis). In Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash of 1992, the internet has been superseded by the Metaverse, a multi-person shared virtual reality with both human-controlled avatars and system “daemons”. What virtual avatars, creatures, information layers or interactive components are here.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.08.11): Gear VR is over, Go long term future is uncertain, Huawei teases its metaverse and much more!

The Ghost Howls

The Cyberverse is very similar to the Magicverse by Magic Leap and is a system that employs the AR Cloud, mixing the real and the virtual world, and that uses AI for object recognition, uses localization, fast network and all this fancy stuff. Unreal Engine is adding Vulkan support for Oculus Quest and Unity fill follow later on this year. Amazon thinks using AR for its delivery agents. augmented reality virtual reality week peek AR huawei vr

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bHaptics review: feel your body in VR with this haptic suit!

The Ghost Howls

bHaptics is a Korean company producing haptic systems for virtual reality. Being a developer, of course one of the first things that I did was digging into the bHaptics SDK, that you can find on the Unity asset store or on Unreal Engine Marketplace.

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Oculus Quest vs HTC Vive Focus Plus

The Ghost Howls

This year we had the launch of two amazing 6 DOF all-in-one Virtual Reality headsets : the Oculus Quest and the HTC Vive Focus Plus. When I returned to the initial point in the virtual world, my position in the real world was slightly different. Configuring the Wi-fi is really easy using your smartphone and you don’t have to type the password with an annoying virtual keyboard. You have to configure your Wi-Fi typing on a virtual keyboard.

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Gianluigi Perrone: “To make a VR film you need to know the DNA of VR”

The Ghost Howls

Thanks to the WeChat group XR Story I got to know Gianluigi Perrone, a very talented movie director that works a lot with virtual reality , and that also teaches cinema at the Beijing Film Academy. Hello Gian, introduce yourself and your book “Dogma VR – Storytelling in Virtual Reality”! It will be available on Amazon soon. The tools that I usually use are Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Blender , Maya, Unity , Unreal.