Amazon’s Jack Ryan VR Park Takes Over Comic-Con


What better way to tease the world-wide release of the new Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series on Amazon Prime then to drop thousands of Comic-Con fans into the boots of Jack Ryan himself. The season premiere airs August 31st on Amazon Prime.

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Amazon’s New ‘Sumerian’ Tool Aims to Make Developing Web-based VR Apps Easier

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Amazon today announced a new developer tool at its annual AWS re:Invent that aims to make creating web-based applications for VR/AR and traditional monitors even easier. sample scene using Sumerian, image courtesy Amazon. Amazon Sumerian is now available for preview.

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Amazon’s ‘Sumerian’ Tool Simplifies Web-Based VR Development


And thanks to Amazon’s new web-based VR app development tool, everyone will. Announced at Amazon’s annual AWS re:invent , Sumerian editor utilizes simplified drag-and-drop mechanics, which allows you to easily create 3D worlds.

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Walmart Using Black Friday VR Simulator To Train Staff


Walmart staff have their work cut out for them, one of the many reasons why the retail giant began opening its many ‘Walmart Academies’ to train its future staff on the details of their expected duties in a comfortable and cost-efficient manner.

MIT Researchers Test Autonomous Drones Using VR Training Grounds


Researchers at MIT are using VR to train autonomous drones in safer, less expensive environments. Unfortunately, training high-tech, fast-moving machines to automatically detect and avoid physical objects isn’t exactly a safe, or cheap process.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Hyper-Reality Experience Heading To San Diego Comic-Con


As Amazon Studios prepares their usual line-up of Prime Video content, the company has revealed several show-floor experiences focused around their upcoming original series, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan will be available on Amazon Prime Video August 31st.

Creating VR Content With Zero Coding Skills


Those unfamiliar with immersive technology have often perceived VR as some form of modern black magic that only highly-trained developers can properly harness. Image Credit: Amazon. Sumerian by Amazon. News Amazon Sumerian BrioVR EngageVR Varwin VR Development

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Retailers Exploring New VR And AR Concepts To Drive Sales In 2019


Amazon, IKEA, and Wayfair are all using these technologies to bring together the advantages of online shopping with brick and mortar retailing to add value to real-world shopping experiences with a minimal learning curve for both employees and customers. Think Amazon buying Whole Foods.) Walmart’s most ambitious VR rollout to date, however, has been in staff training. VR training helps us train more associates on a large variety of topics.

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The renaissance of silicon will create industry giants

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Another area that requires new processing architectures is artificial intelligence, both in training AI and running inference (the process AI uses to infer things about data, like a smart doorbell recognizing the difference between an in-law and an intruder). Navin Chaddha. Contributor.

Walmart Will Set Up VR-enhanced DreamWorks Gift Shops In Parking Lots


Walmart’s cavernous stores apparently aren’t large enough to hold the Hidden World in DreamWorks’ latest How to Train Your Dragon film. The immersive virtual tour of the Hidden World includes How to Train Your Dragon characters such as Astrid, Hiccup, Hookfang, and Toothless, with greetings during onboarding by Ruffnut and Tuffnut. Last year, Amazon used VR to create virtual selling spaces inside Indian shopping malls where it wasn’t operating physical stores.

Walmart & Arianna Huffington Team Up For V-Commerce Competition


This isn’t the first time Walmart has experimented with immersive technology, having introduced VR into employee training programs at many of their Walmart Academies. News Accenture Amazon Arianna Huffington Fashion Forerunner Ventures Funding Huffington Post Innov8 Shopping Walmart

NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Aims to Train 100,000 Developers this Year


NVIDIA announced the company plans to train as many as 100,000 developers through the Deep Learning institute over the course of this year (2017). According to NVIDIA, the surging demand for deep learning developers will require the company to train ten times as many developers as they did in 2016. More than 10,000 developers have already been trained by NVIDIA using AWS on the applied use of deep learning.

Where are the simple but effective wearables?


Remote collaboration via smart glasses, Virtual Reality training, design visualization with HoloLens…These are incredible applications of wearable technologies in enterprise today.

Facebook Open-sources AI Habitat To Help Robots Navigate Realistic Environments


Facebook AI Research is making available AI Habitat , a simulator that can train AI agents that embody things like a home robot to operate in environments meant to mimic typical real-world settings like an apartment or office.

HP Reverb is finally available in the US and other selected countries

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According to HP spokespeople, in fact, companies are less interested in big FOV and more interested in very high resolution, that is useful for better prototyping of industrial products, for instance, or for reading text instructions in VR training experiences.

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Retailers Exploring New VR And AR Concepts To Drive Sales In 2019

Tech Trends VR

Amazon, IKEA, and Wayfair are all using these technologies to bring together the advantages of online shopping with brick and mortar retailing to add value to real-world shopping experiences with a minimal learning curve for both employees and customers. Think Amazon buying Whole Foods.)

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Augmented reality is reaching a mature state according to Gartner

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thanks to a better training). Traditionally, leading tech vendors have invested in distributed network infrastructure, but many of them (such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft) are adapting to a new paradigm to support localized, persistent, collaborative, shared, multiuser interactions.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.08.11): Gear VR is over, Go long term future is uncertain, Huawei teases its metaverse and much more!

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storytelling), education, training, etc… XR is not profitable in the short term : only 22% of products are already profitable or will be so soon. VR Training for surgeons is more effective than standard methods. Amazon thinks using AR for its delivery agents.

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AR Glasses You Can Be Seen In

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It offers content such as AR enhanced golf training by Oncore Golf, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. They are also working with Amazon to finish the broader integration of Alexa expect to complete certification soon; and Alexa BETA is currently available for developers.

HTC announces Vive Pro Eye and Vive Cosmos at CES 2019

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The most important one has been the one with Mozilla and Amazon for a better use of the Web 3.0 The partnership with Amazon, instead, will make sure that Vive developers will be able to use the Sumerian engine to develop titles to be distributed through Viveport.

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SXSW Features ‘Active Esport’ VR Event Using Infinity Treadmill


From gamers and gym rats, to student and professional athletes, “ the i nfinity is specifically designed to accommodate individualized cardio training, conditioning, and rehab programs as well as new types of game-infused therapeutic innovations such as VR-enabled rehabilitation.”.

XR News – August 12, 2019 – Meet Bobby, the 3D-Scanned Teddy Bear

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Walmart, Amazon’s rival, is testing new store managers with AR exercises. Osso VR partnered with UCLA to do a Surgical Training Study Showing VR Beats Traditional Training by 130% Audi, Unreal Engine & Mackevision introduce a new digital showroom in Web3D, VR and AR. If you didn't think our 3-episode-a-week release schedule was dizzying enough, welcome to the XR for Business Podcast's new weekly news rundown!

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The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.06.17): E3 VR, Vive Cosmos reveal and much more!

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FRL is releasing interesting material for AI training. Facebook Reality Labs , the research center of Facebook, is releasing opensource some tools that it has created to train AI agents in virtual reality. When you have to train an intelligent agent for the real world (e.g.

How to be a good VR startupper – Part 1

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Here on my blog I am experimenting with different income sources (Patreon, Adsense, Amazon Affiliate, Sponsored Posts, etc…). This is the week of this blog’s birthday and so I’m publishing a very special post, that I’m going to split into two parts.

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Walmart Adds AR Price Check Tool To iOS App


The American multinational company has explored cutting edge ideas such as Post Mobile AR for in-store displays of Nest products, filed patents for a virtual showroom and VR headset, and has even announced plans to train every U.S.

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EON Reality UK, The Landing and KPMG Manchester Discuss VR, AR and The Future

EON Reality

We have very good relationships with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google, but you’re free to choose the programming languages and alliance partner that best fits the requirements of your project.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.09.09): Vive Cosmos probably on sale at €799, Kura reveals 150° FOV AR glasses, Oculus “Cablegate” and much more!

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This is possible thanks to three cameras installed on (and in) the headset, that match the current visuals with a model trained with another special headset, that instead has nine embedded cameras. It’s time for some amazing VR news, isn’t it? Top news of the week. Image by Ars Technica).

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Vive Purchase Bundle Includes Two Extra Games Through March 31st

Road to VR

Through March 31st all new Vive purchases will include the current purchase bundle including Zombie Training Simulator and The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed , along with two extra titles, Everest VR and Richie’s Plank Experience.

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‘I Expect You To Die’ Gets New Level & Limited Time 20% Discount

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Thankfully, a fifth level named ‘First Class’ is now available for free, where players will experience a ‘relaxing train ride’ through India, as shown in this teaser trailer: Schell Games Design Director Shawn Patton acknowledged the need for more content in a recent post on the PlayStation Blog. “We

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AR Glasses You’d Be Happy To Be Caught Dead In


On the consumer side, the Vuzix Blade Companion app, which is available for download from the App Store or Google Play , connects the device to both Android or iOS devices and offers content such as AR enhanced golf training by Oncore Golf, and support for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

What is the Oculus Quest? Read here description, specs, price and how to preorder it (even from China)!

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I think that for training applications , that usually require simplified models, it can be great. It is not even suited for training scenarios where the user should feel exactly as in reality. The Exorcist: Legion VR, Developer Wolf & Wood, Publisher Fun Train 45.

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What I’ve learned at the EBU Digital Media Days 2018

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First of all , I learned a lot from the people talking before and after me : some of them were from EBU or from Amazon and Sky… so, as you can see, we are talking about people that know well what they say and from which I could only learn interesting things. Amazon Sumerian characters.

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Magic Leap’s AI ‘Mica’ Won’t Turn Off Your Lights, Play Your Music, or Give Directions

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” Continuing, it appears Mica has undergone PR training, as she promises to “educate with heroic optimism and vision, making your canons bigger, unearthing the stories history hides.

Your VR Guide To Black Friday Deals


While companies like Walmart are preparing for the busiest shopping day of the year with Black Friday VR training simulators , i’m sure all you really care about is how to save some major dough this holiday weekend. Shop on Amazon. Sold on Samsung and Amazon.

How VR and AI Will Supercharge Learning

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I’m reminded of an article I read about a father who felt “super human” while using his Amazon Echo. VR will essentially allow declining markets to rejuvenate much faster than normal because of how powerful it can be as an educational and training tool.”.