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These Are The Stocks You Could Buy To Invest In The VR Industry


Also keep in mind that there are plenty of private companies worth investing in, and some public companies listed below have invested in them like Magic Leap who has investments to the tune of $1.39 Sony – NYSE: SNE – VR Console, VR Games & VR Headset. Samsung – KRX: 005930 – GearVR (partnership with Oculus VR) and 360 Camera. Amazon – NASDAQ: AMZN – VR Content & Game Engine. Amazon – NASDAQ: AMZN – VR content.

The XR Week Peek (2021.12.13): Horizon Worlds is now in open beta, Among Us VR is coming, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Microsoft and Samsung may be partnering for an AR device. According to Korean media, Samsung Electronics is working with Microsoft on a new augmented/mixed reality project “involving HoloLens”. Samsung is one of the most famous suppliers of components for electronic devices (e.g.

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The New 3D Apple Arriving at WWDC

Robert Scoble

I also am invested in Apple competitors, Qualcomm, Snap, Microsoft, Amazon, and about 50 other companies in a diverse portfolio. Just get Amazon’s latest iPhone app. Using the new Siri you will be able to ask “how much are 20 of these on Amazon?”

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As UploadVR Turns 2 We Reflect On The First Full Year of Consumer VR


Samsung starts off the month debuting its VR Internet browser for Gear VR, becoming the first to offer a VR browser. Magic Leap kicks off the month with the announcement of an enormous $794 million fundraising round, backed by Alibaba. A series of announcements from Amazon, Crytek, Epic Games and Unity Technologies showcase an evolution among their respective game engines into VR world creation toolsets.

Building the Foundation of XR with 5G, with Nokia’s Sandro Tavares

XR for Business Podcast

And a Samsung. And so this promise of 5G seems to be kind of that magical part that will allow us to push the limits of this technology much, much harder and much further than we ever thought possible.

Building the Foundation of XR with 5G, with Nokia's Sandro Tavares

XR for Business Podcast

We were showing together with Sony and Intel a VR game using the content of the new Spider-Man movie that just went out a few months ago, where then we would have people playing -- using a VR headset -- against another person that would be in another booth -- in this case, in the Intel booth -- and they would compete being different Spider-Men in the city there, who would actually complete the tasks faster? And a Samsung.