Amazon’s Jack Ryan VR Park Takes Over Comic-Con


What better way to tease the world-wide release of the new Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series on Amazon Prime then to drop thousands of Comic-Con fans into the boots of Jack Ryan himself. I’ve been to location-based entertainment VR centers before, but this was another level.

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Amazon May Look to VR to Enhance Shopping Experience, Job Ad Indicates

Road to VR

A new job opening at a division of the online retail giant Amazon my indicate the firm is looking to immersive technology to enhance its shopping experience. Amazon has up to now only tentatively dipped its substantial corporate toe in the waters of virtual reality.

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Alaska Airlines Begins Testing VR As First Class Entertainment


Allosky claims the headset is also capable of playing user-owned content, as well as streaming on-demand services, such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, just to name a few. The post Alaska Airlines Begins Testing VR As First Class Entertainment appeared first on VRScout.

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Amazon Launches Sumerian VR/AR Challenge With Over $100,000 In Prizes


Amazon is looking to kickstart VR and AR content development for its Sumerian service with a new hackathon. Amazon introduced Sumerian last year as an easy way to get people building content for both VR and AR that exists on the web. The winner in each category will be awarded $5,000 in cash and a further $5,000 in Amazon Web Service credits. You can sign up for a free 12 month trial to an Amazon Web Service developer account. Amazon VR Industry News

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Amazon Hires Former Tribeca Director To Work On VR Content


Amazon’s plans for VR content still remain under wraps, but the company recently made a significant hire that gives us a small glimpse into what it’s working on. This week, The Hollywood Reporter noted that she had been hired by Amazon Studios to work on VR content. A member of the Amazon Video PR team has validated the report to UploadVR, though the company declined to provide any further information. Tagged with: Amazon , amazon video , Genna Terranova.

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Vive Studios Launches Jungle Adventure, Amazon Odyssey


Vive Studios, the publishing arm of HTC’s VR headset, just launched its next title – Amazon Odyssey. Entertainment Experiences

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Get ready for a new era of personalized entertainment

TechCrunch VR

When you use Youtube, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Netflix or Spotify, algorithms select what gets recommended to you. It’s very likely that smart content for entertainment purposes will have different features and functions than news media content. Jarno M. Koponen. Contributor.

Amazon Prime Launches New Platform for VR Experiences


It was only a matter of time before Amazon got involved. All of these titles are Amazon orriginals. In addition to Amazon’s extensive library of TV and movies, Prime Video VR offers a selection of ten 360° videos at launch and will continue to add new VR-specific titles.”.

Amazon Prime Video goes VR on Oculus, Samsung Gear VR


While its application in other industries have yet to be realized, it continues to grow, albeit slowly, in its native entertainment market. In fact, Amazon has finally made its long-expected foray into VR and it’s coming to Oculus’ mobile … Continue reading.

Amazon Prime Day 2018: PSVR With Free Move Controllers, Oculus Rift For Less


It’s Amazon Prime Day 2018. For £230, which is what Amazon usually charges for the base headset alone, you also get the PlayStation Camera needed to track the device, a digital copy of entertaining minigame collection, PlayStation VR Worlds, and two Move motion controllers. Amazon has you covered there, too, with two really good deals on the two different types of PS4 consoles out there. VR Industry News Amazon Prime Day oculus rift PSVR

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Reality plus: how AR reshapes entertainment

Hypergrid Business

Augmented reality proves itself a multi-purpose technology, being eagerly adopted across different domains, such as manufacturing, healthcare, education, travel, and, of course, entertainment. We regularly update Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, looking for fresh entertainment.

Oculus Quest, Go and Gear VR now Support Amazon Prime Video

Peter Graham

When Amazon features on VRFocus it’s usually because of another retail promotion offering some hefty virtual reality (VR) hardware discounts. If you don’t have Amazon Prime you can still use the app as a video player to watch anything from your personal library in VR.

Tvori’s Christmas Competition Lets You Use VR To Win Amazon Vouchers


The VR animation app is running a Christmas competition with Amazon vouchers up for grabs. Tagged with: tvori Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Tvori’s Christmas Competition Lets You Use VR To Win Amazon Vouchers appeared first on UploadVR. Entertainment Experiences tvoriDreading the inevitable assault on your wallet this Christmas? Want to save some cash for yourself instead of spending it all on *ugh* other people?

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VRLA This Weekend Showcases The Latest In Immersive Entertainment


A 20-foot futuristic temple will tower over the VRLA show floor, fully equipped with LED panels, lasers, spatial music and an AR experience that transports attendees to a cyborg Amazon forest. One of the industry’s largest VR-focused conferences is back today and tomorrow. Over the last few years VRLA grew from a small meetup showcasing individual creators and startups to a large multi-day event at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Amazon’s Prime Day Offers Discounts On PSVR and HTC Vive


So many of us have barely recovered from the Steam Summer Sale and we’re already being hit with another wave of attacks on our wallet via Amazon’s Prime Day. If you haven’t pulled the trigger on the next level of entertainment, there’s no better time than now with PSVR and HTC Vive both available in high-value bundles. Prime Day is a celebration of Amazon’s Prime membership that seems to grow in value on a consistent basis.

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Amazon Wants You to Wake up and Travel with Alexa


Amazon, hoping to replicate the success of its Echo device , is poised to extend its eyes and ears into every part of your life with the launch of new voice-controlled and camera-equipped Alexa devices designed for bedrooms, living rooms and even your car.

Amazon willing to team up with Apple and Google


on productivity features for Alexa such as calendar interactions, will put the user first in pursuit of any other partnerships, said Toni Reid, Amazon’s vice president of Alexa and Echo devices, who has been on the team since 2014. Sensing competition, now Amazon is pushing ahead with hiring some brand new tech specialists who can help revolutionise its rival Alexa service. The team is currently working hard building the speech and language solutions behind the Amazon Echo.

Michael Bae and The Rogue Initiative Partner to Create Entertainment Properties with a Focus on Virtual Reality

Cats and VR

The Rogue Initiative and Michael Bae announced a partnership to develop original entertainment properties with a focus on virtual reality and interactive hardware. We’re all absolutely thrilled to be working with such a cinematic powerhouse in the field of action entertainment.”.

CINEMOOD 360 Portable Projector Offers Kid-Friendly VR Experiences, No Headset Required


CINEMOOD , creators behind one of Amazon’s best-selling portable projector systems, announced a new addition to their product lineup arriving this holiday season that will offer families access to 360-degree videos and games without the need for a dedicated VR headset.

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Oculus Rift Out Of Stock At Some Retailers, Available ‘Mainly Online’


“Rift continues to be available across our channels, at this time mainly online (, Best Buy online, Amazon, etc.),” explains an email this week from a Facebook representative. There are also a lot of businesses that rely on Rift as the basis of their location-based VR entertainment. Facebook VR Industry News Amazon oculus rift oculus rift s

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Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Hyper-Reality Experience Heading To San Diego Comic-Con


With San Diego Comic-Con International just around the corner, excitement surrounding this years crop of multi-genre entertainment and comic exhibits have once again begun to mount. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan will be available on Amazon Prime Video August 31st.

Digital Store Technologies Take the Stage For Both Customer and Associate Experience

Forrester VR

It’s the combination of original retail theater – entertainment, novelty, and engagement – with digital technologies and services to create the next level of in-store experience.

HTC VR Survey Offers Vives & Gift Cards as Prizes, Aims to Understand VR Users

Road to VR

Winners of the prize drawing will be contacted by August 4th, with gift card winners taking home an $100 Amazon card or a $150 Viveport card. HTC News Bits VR Marketing amazon gift card htc america htc vive viveport gift card vr prize draw vr survey vr sweepstakes

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Shopping Malls 2.0 – The Future is Virtual

Tech Trends VR

Can immersive technologies help struggling bricks-and-mortar retailers to create new shopping experiences and gain an edge against the likes of Amazon? Tech Trends VR Tech amazon AR Augmented Reality HolodeckVR Mixed Reality MR Online Retail Pioneers Vienna Virtual Reality VR VR Consultancy

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Nokia Technologies Partners With Disney To Film The Future of VR

Infinityleap Wearables

” OZO will help Disney bring their film properties to life in new ways through immersive entertainment experiences, and our focus will be on helping them get the most out of VR as they begin to uncover all that it has to offer.”

These Holiday Bundle Deals Give You Free Games For HTC Vive Or A Gift Card With Oculus Rift


HTC Vive’s blog reveals that their partners have collaborated to do just that and Amazon has also put together an Oculus Rift deal. Last but not least, those interested can grab the Oculus Rift headset on Amazon and they’ll also receive a $100 Amazon gift card to put toward anything they wish.

PSN Black Friday Sale Discounts Astro Bot, Firewall, And More


Everyone knows that VR isn’t the cheapest form of entertainment out there, it can get pretty expensive. on Amazon Physically (Usually $59.99) – Read Our Review. on Amazon Physically (Usually $29.99) – Read Our Review.

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The Biggest Oculus, SteamVR And Windows Releases OF The Week 10/22/17


Sadly, the game just isn’t as entertaining as you’d hope. Amazon Odyssey, from Heavy-Iron Studios. The latest Vive Studios experience transports you the lush Amazon rainforest, where you’ll encounter plenty of exotic vegetation and wildlife.

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Spider-Man Gets The Web AR Treatment With Into The Spider-Verse AR


In collaboration with 8th Wall, Trigger, and Amazon Web Services, the Spider-Verse Web AR Experience lets users interact with Spider-Man in AR, take pictures, and share them to social media. AR Entertainment Experiences Spider-ManToday, Sony Pictures is bringing the wall-crawling heroics of Spider-Man to modern mobile devices around the world in a free web AR experience.

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Your Guide To The Best VR Exhibits at NY Comic Con 2016


Virtual reality entertainment provider Jaunt VR will be part of the exhibit showcasing a variety of their upcoming horror experiences such as the pilot for their new horror series The Game as well as Escape of the Living Dead , Zombie Purge and Black Mass.

Landfall Dev Announces Third VR Title Time Stall for Oculus Quest

Peter Graham

Dutch virtual reality (VR) developer Force Field Entertainment has released a couple of title up to now, Term1nal for Samsung Gear VR and Landfall for Oculus Rift. Force Field Entertainment will launch Time Stall for Oculus Quest on 15th August 2019.

HP Reverb is finally available in the US and other selected countries

The Ghost Howls

The price is $599 for the consumer edition (that will be available e.g. on Amazon ) and $649 for the enterprise edition (available e.g. on HP website ). In some weeks, it should be available worldwide, both on HP store and on other resellers like Amazon.

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Shaun MacGillivray Chats About IMAX and VR Movies


The studio, along with IMAX, have made it possible for audiences to explore environments like the Grand Canyon, the Amazon, and the Antarctic. Entertainment Interview Virtual Reality featured interview movies virtual reality VR filmmaking VR movies

The Best VR Deals for Black Friday 2019

Peter Graham

Oculus Rift S – £349 GBP/$349 USD – Saving £50/$50 – Oculus Store , Amazon , Walmart. Oculus Go – 32GB £149 / 64GB £199 – Saving £50 – Oculus Store , Amazon , Walmart. Was £699, Now £599 –, Amazon.

Apple Music Can ‘Steal’, Delete Your Music


” Other music services, such as Amazon Prime Music and Google Play do not delete the files off the hard drive. Amazon Apple Breaking Cloud Computing Entertainment Google News Software Programs AAPL Apple Music Audio-Technica EULA James Pinkstone MP3 Vellum Atlanta WAV WAV file

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Reveries on The Future of VR


What we are witnessing is the birth of arguably the most important computing platform to date that has the potential to change the way we live, work, learn, entertain and communicate in a way that dwarfs everything that has come before it. Entertainment. “The future is already here.

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Dear Angelica, Stranger Things And More VR Nominated in 2017 Emmys


One of those is the VR experience based on Netflix’s hit TV series, Stranger Things ( watch here ), another is the VR experience that ties-into the Amazon TV series, Mr. Robot ( watch here ). 360 Video Entertainment Experiences Oculus Rift VR Industry NewsIt was almost a year ago now that Oculus Story Studio’s animated short, Henry, won VR its first Emmy , not that it did the little critter any good.

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