Oculus Quest Hit #1 Selling Video Games Product On Amazon


Preorders of the Oculus Quest VR headset on Amazon briefly hit the #1 top seller in the Video Games category this week. No VR headset has hit this position on Amazon except for the PlayStation VR. Amazon sales ranks are updated hourly. This is how this data looked yesterday: The Rift S PC VR headset peaked at #6, but quickly fell down after the initial wave. Oculus Quest Amazon

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Snapchat Preparing to Upgrade Camera with Visual Search for Amazon, Report Says

Next Reality AR

A peek inside the code of the Snapchat app has revealed that the company is expanding the search capabilities of its augmented reality camera to include visual search that may link to items within Amazon's massive online store. Agarwal also discovered Amazon logo image files and.

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AR App Brings Amazon Fashion & Fitness To Life


That’s one of the reasons why Groove Jones teamed up with Amazon Fashion to create a new AR experience that could very well be the future of catalogue shopping. And of course all the products displayed are available for purchase over at Amazon.

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Amazon Web Services quietly forms a mixed reality team, but what.


Amazon Web Services quietly forms a mixed reality team, but what is it building? Amazon is building a new “two pizza team” within Amazon Web Services focused on mixed-reality technology, another sign that the cloud powerhouse is expanding its reach and branching out into new areas.

Survey: Help Devs Understand Real VR Users & Enter to Win $150 Amazon Gift Card

Road to VR

The survey will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete and at the end you’ll be entered to win a $150 Amazon gift card. Data collected is anonymous and only used for the purposes of this survey.

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Gear VR Ranked In Amazon’s Top Three Best-Selling Wearables Over Holidays


Amazon has revealed its best-selling products for the holiday season, and Samsung and Oculus’ Gear VR has come out on top for our budding new industry. On top of the Amazon report, Cubicle Ninjas CEO Josh Farkas revealed to UploadVR that the company’s app, Guided Meditation , had seen a huge increase in downloads over the Christmas period, reaching over 1,000 downloads on December 25th alone and passing the milestone again on December 26th.

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Power and Responsibility: Highlights from Microsoft Build

Tech Trends VR

As cloud based applications scale and power AI experiences, we have come to a place where you need data at planet scale and performance Click To Tweet. By 2020, the average person will generate 1.5GB of data a day, a smart home 50GB and a smart city, a whopping 250 petabytes of data per day.

The absurdist’s view of business data visualization: meeting BadVR (& how Oculus Quest and 5G will change business)

Robert Scoble

It makes its own hardware so its customers can “dive through” massive amounts of data much easier than trying to see the same data in older tools like Microsoft Excel, or charts. The kind of data businesses are generating now just requires new approaches.

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Amazon willing to team up with Apple and Google


on productivity features for Alexa such as calendar interactions, will put the user first in pursuit of any other partnerships, said Toni Reid, Amazon’s vice president of Alexa and Echo devices, who has been on the team since 2014. Sensing competition, now Amazon is pushing ahead with hiring some brand new tech specialists who can help revolutionise its rival Alexa service. The team is currently working hard building the speech and language solutions behind the Amazon Echo.

HTC VR Survey Offers Vives & Gift Cards as Prizes, Aims to Understand VR Users

Road to VR

The 10-15 minute ‘experiences with VR’ survey is for HTC’s ‘research purposes only’, aiming to gather some general VR usage data and purchasing habits. Winners of the prize drawing will be contacted by August 4th, with gift card winners taking home an $100 Amazon card or a $150 Viveport card.

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Get ready for a new era of personalized entertainment

TechCrunch VR

When you use Youtube, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Netflix or Spotify, algorithms select what gets recommended to you. Jarno M. Koponen. Contributor. Jarno M. Koponen is working on intelligent systems and human-centered personalization.

Nokia Technologies Partners With Disney To Film The Future of VR

Infinityleap Wearables

Nokia Technologies today announced a partnership with Disney to explore the creation of virtual reality (VR) content in filmmaking using Nokia’s OZO, the world’s first VR camera, to film behind-the-scenes movie extras.

Exclusive: Mobile Headset Maker Homido Claims 500,000 Total Units Sold


It remains to be seen whether these figures are accurate, but since Oculus stated Gear VR had over 1 million users earlier this year and it cracked a major category on Amazon this holiday season, it’s entirely possible. VR Industry News data figures homido prediction research sales

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Facebook Open-sources AI Habitat To Help Robots Navigate Realistic Environments


Facebook Reality Labs, formerly named Oculus Research, is also open-sourcing Replica, a data set of photorealistic 3D environments like a retail store, apartment, and other indoor environments that resemble the real world.

GeForce RTX Has Already Pushed GTX Cards to Lowest Prices in Months

Road to VR

We analyzed prices on Amazon US from the range of NVIDIA’s GTX 10-series VR Ready GPUs and found a consistent downward trend, reaching at or near their lowest prices in months as the announcement of the RTX cards neared. Data courtesy Honey. Data courtesy Honey.

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AR Glasses You Can Be Seen In

Tech Trends VR

It offers content such as AR enhanced golf training by Oncore Golf, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. They are also working with Amazon to finish the broader integration of Alexa expect to complete certification soon; and Alexa BETA is currently available for developers.

Oculus Rift S And Valve Index Won’t Work On Laptops With Only HDMI


Valve’s Index VR headset also uses DisplayPort, and while it doesn’t include a Mini DisplayPort adapter, you can find them on Amazon for around $10 if needed. It’s important to note that USB Type-C is a connector, not a data standard. Such adapters are available from retailers like Amazon, from brands like Cable Matters and BENFEI. The original Oculus Rift used HDMI but its replacement, Oculus Rift S , uses DisplayPort instead.

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Top 10 Articles


“The ASP strength we saw across nearly every segment of the business demonstrates continued demand for high-performance computing, which will only increase with the explosion of data. Amazon Apple HTC Intel Samsung Tesla VR WorldIn today’s edition of Top 10, we take a stroll the virtual information lane during May Day and see what’s interesting around the globe. Flying Cars, Electric Trucks and Human Face in VR.

HTC announces Vive Pro Eye and Vive Cosmos at CES 2019

The Ghost Howls

At the moment it is unknown, exactly as the release date and all the related technical data. The only thing that we know is that the first devkits of Cosmos will be available in early 2019, and that all the data that we are interested in will be announced later in the year.

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These Holiday Bundle Deals Give You Free Games For HTC Vive Or A Gift Card With Oculus Rift


HTC Vive’s blog reveals that their partners have collaborated to do just that and Amazon has also put together an Oculus Rift deal. When purchasing an Nvidia 1060, 1070, or 1080 GPU along with an HTC Vive, customers will receive three free games: Serious Sam VR , Raw Data , and Sports Bar VR.

The Best Oculus Rift Deal for Black Friday 2017

Road to VR

” Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any great extras savings around the web besides the standard Amazon $50 gift card that comes when you sign up for an Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card , knocking the price down to $300. You can find the deal here: Amazon.

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Generators help grids stay up through Florida hurricane

Hypergrid Business

Several OpenSim grids using a Florida-based data center for their hosting have been able to stay up during Hurricane Irma with the help of backup generators. “Our data center has switched back to normal utility power and all is well.” View of Hurricane Irma from space.

USB-C VR Extension Adapter for Rift & Windows VR Coming Soon From Accell

Road to VR

Accell says that the adapter will launch on January 14th for $50, available from Amazon and direct from the company’s site.

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EON Reality UK, The Landing and KPMG Manchester Discuss VR, AR and The Future

EON Reality

We have very good relationships with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google, but you’re free to choose the programming languages and alliance partner that best fits the requirements of your project.

HTC Pushes Back On Reports of Declining Headset Sales

Road to VR

” Very few major manufacturers have released sales data on their VR headsets, with Sony being the exception when they said that PSVR had already sold over 2 million units back in December 2017. Freelance writer Joshua Fruhlinger, who occasionally writes for Digital Trends , used third-party Amazon sales data to back up his claim that consumers don’t care about VR anymore, saying it’s “crystal clear.”

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Magic Leap’s AI ‘Mica’ Won’t Turn Off Your Lights, Play Your Music, or Give Directions

Road to VR

” Needless to say, this is a giant undertaking that companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon have only just recently scratched with their respective AI assistants.

AR & AI Storytelling Innovations in ‘TendAR’ from Studio Tender Claws

Road to VR

Here’s a brief teaser for TendAR : Gorman said that they’re not planning on storing or saving any of the emotional recognition data on their side, and this is the first time that I’ve ever heard anything about Google’s Human Sensing group.

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Alex Kipman Nominated for Inventor’s Award

Tech Trends VR

During the procedure, the surgeons were able to view live diagnostic imaging from MRI and radiography data feeds, without taking their eyes off the patient. It collects several terabytes of data every second, piped in via sensors and then computed.

Leaked Input Device May Explain Why Investors Just Dropped $120 Million into Thalmic Labs

Road to VR

Led by Intel Capital, the Amazon Alexa Fund, and Fidelity Investments Canada, the new tranche of money will allow the company to “realize our vision for the next era of computing, where the lines between humans and digital technology become increasingly blurred.”

What is the Oculus Quest? Read here description, specs, price and how to preorder it (even from China)!

The Ghost Howls

some AI, CV or data-analysis algorithm that must run locally), then you should go for a tethered headset as well. The Oculus Quest is available for preorders on Oculus website and on the website of selected partners (like Amazon and Best Buy).

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Skyrim VR Is A PSVR System Seller In UK, Charts Suggest


Chart-tracking group GFK — which gathers data on sales of physical copies of software — places Skyrim VR as the 19th best-selling game in the UK for the week ending November 18th (the day after the game launched). In the UK, Worlds is included in a PSVR starter pack bundle, which some retailers like Amazon have been bundling with copies of Skyrim as part of a Black Friday deal Sony revealed last week. It’s currently out of stock on Amazon.

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Edgybees Mashes Up Video games and Real Drones for a Futuristic New Racer


While Amazon is busy figuring out infrastructure for its Prime Air drone empire, augmented reality startup Edgybees has launched Drone Prix AR, an AR racing game for drones. Edgybees in fact draws from Amazon’s talent pool; Menashe Haskin, a former manager at the Amazon Prime Air office in Israel, helped cofound it in 2016.

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Vuzix Will Ship $1,000 Consumer Blade AR Smart Glasses In February


Unlike some AR headset rivals, Blade isn’t designed to operate wholly on its own, instead relying on an Android phone or iPhone for data services. Vuzix is now promising both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support. Following last year’s release of an enterprise version of Blade , a pair of augmented reality smart glasses that resemble traditional sunglasses, Vuzix confirmed dates and pricing for its consumer model.

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Sony: PlayStation VR Sales In The “many hundreds of thousands”


PS VR is currently sold out at many retailers, with Amazon UK not expecting to be caught up with orders until December. If true that’s encouraging data.

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Unity Hires Dr. Danny Lange away from Uber to be VP of AI and Machine Learning

Cats and VR

Previously, Lange was General Manager of Amazon Machine Learning -- an AWS product that offers Machine Learning as a Cloud Service. Before that, he was Principal Development Manager at Microsoft where he led a product team focused on large-scale Machine Learning for Big Data.

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