The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.26.11): Half-Life: Alyx revealed, Oculus Link out, XBox not considering VR and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Anyway, the door is not closed completely: he added to the interview “ I think we might get there [eventually], But yeah, that’s not where our focus is.” Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has just burnt completely Microsoft tweeting “we oftentimes work hard to make things that no customers are asking for them ”. South-Africa startup Eden Labs has created an interesting design for VR headsets needed in public installations to show 360 videos. Rikard Steiber departs HTC.

Zambezi Partners Co-Founder Jenna Seiden Partners Up with Jimmy Fallon and Captain Marvel to Showcase Hit VR Game

XR for Business Podcast

She's the former head of content acquisition and partnerships for VIVE Port at HTC VIVE, and she used to be the V.P. of content development and strategic partnerships for the worldwide business development for Microsoft Studios. When I was at HTC, yes, my job was a quote/unquote, "sit behind a desk" kind of thing. I am always saying -- and I learned this really well at Microsoft, and worked at XBox -- that we were developing the Kinect camera.

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XR Podcast Hosts Unite, with Voices of VR Podcast's Kent Bye - Part 1

XR for Business Podcast

Kent: It reminds me of-- I have gone to Microsoft Build for the last three years, and that's a good place to kind of see some of the AR demos that are there in terms of the partners with Microsoft. I've had the opportunity of playing with the Tobii tracking system with HTC Vive. One of Alan's biggest inspirations to start XR for Business was the prolific catalogue of Kent Bye, who has released over 1,100 recordings for his VR-centric podcast, Voices of VR.

Bringing the XR World Together at the VR/AR Global Summit, with Executive Director Anne-Marie Enns

XR for Business Podcast

HTC with Vinay [Narayan], who’s always wonderful. There’s Telus, Facebook, Siemens, Raytheon, Viacom, Microsoft, Lenovo, Niantic, Canadian Tire. And what’s great to do, with it being the global summit, is we’ve got speakers this year that are coming from Africa, and India, and Asia, and Germany and– you know, we’re doing a European summit next year.