Facebook Open-sources AI Habitat To Help Robots Navigate Realistic Environments


Simulated data is commonly used in AI to train robotic systems, create reinforcement learning models, and power AI systems from Amazon Go to enterprise applications of few-shot learning with small amounts of data. Microsoft introduced a robotics and AI platform in limited preview last month , while Amazon’s AWS RoboMaker , which draws on Amazon’s cloud and AI systems, made its debut in fall 2018.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.26.11): Half-Life: Alyx revealed, Oculus Link out, XBox not considering VR and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Oculus will release its official cable next month in limited quantities , but for now, it has released the specifications required for Link so that you can find alternate cables on Amazon. They’re officially suggesting one on Amazon US, but it is like 1m long, so I don’t know if it is actually the best choice… The first feedbacks on Link are very positive: this is a killer solution for the Quest! Guys and girls, sorry for the delay in the release of this weekly recap.

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XR Podcast Hosts Unite, with Voices of VR Podcast's Kent Bye - Part 1

XR for Business Podcast

We've got AR platforms being hosted by Amazon, by Facebook, by Snapchat, where you can develop your own AR lenses. Kent: It reminds me of-- I have gone to Microsoft Build for the last three years, and that's a good place to kind of see some of the AR demos that are there in terms of the partners with Microsoft.

Bringing the XR World Together at the VR/AR Global Summit, with Executive Director Anne-Marie Enns

XR for Business Podcast

Amazon will be there talking about Sumerian, and then a couple other with immersive storytelling and volumetric capture, that will be announced this week too. There’s Telus, Facebook, Siemens, Raytheon, Viacom, Microsoft, Lenovo, Niantic, Canadian Tire.