Steam Leak Reveals Detailed Player Counts For Top VR Games


A recent oopsie-do by Valve gives us the total player count for thousands of Steam games. Thanks to a recent data leak within the Steam Achievements API, thousands of games available on the Steam library have had information regarding their total player counts made available to the public.

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Amazon’s Jack Ryan VR Park Takes Over Comic-Con


Repelling from a helicopter and zip-lining in VR will have your heart pounding. What better way to tease the world-wide release of the new Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series on Amazon Prime then to drop thousands of Comic-Con fans into the boots of Jack Ryan himself.

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Experience The Extraordinary Life Of Nelson Mandela In VR


Celebrate the 100th birthday of one history’s most influential figures in this immersive VR experience for the Oculus Go. Philanthropist. Revolutionary. President. Very few individuals have managed to live a life as influential and accomplished as South Africa’s Nelson Mandela.

Turn Any Surface Into An AR Experience With Post Mobile AR


Walmart, Coca Cola and Mercedes Benz are using Post Mobile AR to give customers a more interactive in-store experience.

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Parisian Hospital Begins Testing VR As A Pain Relief Alternative


Patients visiting the Hospital’s ER in need of minor surgeries or treatments can now opt to use VR to increase their tolerance to pain and decrease anxiety.

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VR Drama ‘Kiss Me First’ Arrives On Netflix June 29th


Live-action meets CGI in this six-part adaptation of Lottie Moggach’s hit YA novel. A suspenseful cyber-drama series developed by Bryan Elsley, Kiss Me First tells the story of Leila (Taboo’s Tallulah Haddon), a lonely 17-year-old haunted by the death of her mother.

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Leap Motion Looks To Combine AR & VR With ‘Mirrorworlds’


Leap Motion dreams big with an ambitious new project that could open ‘alternative dimensions of reality, layered over the physical world.’.

VR Companies Need To Attract More Women. Here’s How They Can.


With the industry growing hungry for female influence, women in VR has never been more important. In the early nineties, a TV studio took a risk.

Blackmagic eGPU Brings High-Performance VR To The Macbook Pro


Apple furthers its commitment to VR with an external graphics processor that brings high-end, desktop level graphics to the Macbook Pro. In terms of sheer popularity, very few models of laptop computers are able to hold a candle to Apple’s Macbook Pro.

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AR Glasses For Diabetics: Magic Leap Considers ‘Glucose Monitoring’ Eyewear


The glasses of the future might watch your glucose levels. According to a patent released last week by the US Patent and Trademark Office, AR startup Magic Leap has begun exploring the concept of smart glasses that can “monitor glucose levels over time” along with other vitals.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Hyper-Reality Experience Heading To San Diego Comic-Con


Step into the shoes of a deadly black-ops spy in this 30-foot tall location-based VR experience. With San Diego Comic-Con International just around the corner, excitement surrounding this years crop of multi-genre entertainment and comic exhibits have once again begun to mount.

Start Creating AR Experiences With Google’s Free Class


Google rolls out a 15-hour introduction into the ARCore platform. As AR continues to make its way into the mainstream, more developers than ever have been focusing their efforts on creating the next big augmented experience.

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‘Reality Portals’ Allow Real-Time Communication Between The Real World & VR


SVVR’s first project under their ambitious MULTIVERSE initiative links VR with the real world via mixed reality live events.

How Businesses Are Cutting Employee Training Costs With VR


VR is the future of employee training, and businesses are taking notice. . It’s no secret an increasing number of businesses are turning to virtual and augmented reality for employee training.

International Travelers At JFK Use VR To Escape Airport Crowds


Travelers at the NYC airport can now use VR to cope with long delays and unruly crowds.

Vancouver Is Now One Of The Largest VR Hubs In The World


XR companies based in Vancouver have skyrocketed from 15 to 200 in just three short years. . A lot has changed in the XR industry since 2017. In teaching hospitals, brain scans have transformed into dynamic, moving holograms.

Brie Larson Narrates Latest ‘Space Explorers’ VR Series


Episode two now available on the Oculus Store. Before Academy Award winning actress Brie Larson blasts off in Marvel’s upcoming Captain Marvel feature film, she’ll take us on a VR journey into how us Earthlings are exploring and colonizing space.

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Say Hello To The 2018 VR Creator Lab


Another year, another handful of amazing creators taking on an exciting new format. Last year we partnered with YouTube to develop the VR Creator Lab – a dedicated learning and production program held at YouTube Space LA.

Augmented Reality & Dragons Could Be The Future Of D&D


A team on kickstarter wants to take your next D&D session to the next level using AR tabletop technology. Dungeons & Dragons. Even those completely foreign to the game will instantly recognize it as the epitome of nerd culture.

PayPal Sees A Future With AR Glasses


The popular online payment platform patents AR glasses in hopes of a ‘look-and-buy’ economy.

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‘David Bowie Is’ Exhibit Coming To VR & AR Devices This Fall


Sony Music partners with the David Bowie Archive, Planta, and London’s Victoria & Albert Museum to deliver an incredible VR/AR retrospective of David Bowie’s career.

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What You Wear Matters In ‘Reign Of Cthulhu,’ A Lovecraftian AR Adventure


Clothes maketh the man and woman in Warerplai’s turn-based AR strategy game. The immersive entertainment industry is currently neck-deep in smartphone-based AR applications.

Plexus Unveils VR/AR Gloves Compatible With Major VR Controllers


A wide range of tracking adapters and impressive hardware could make the Plexus the next big haptic glove.

MIT Researchers Test Autonomous Drones Using VR Training Grounds


Researchers at MIT are using VR to train autonomous drones in safer, less expensive environments. Commercial drone use has skyrocketed over the last four years.

Niantic Teases AR Platform Capable Of Real World Interaction


The creators of Pokemon GO present AR technology that can detect real-world objects. You may know Niantic as the American software company behind the cult-sensation Pokemon GO.

Oculus Go Has Arrived and It’s a Big Deal


The $200 Oculus Go is the most accessible VR headset today. Up until now, one of the biggest barriers to entry for VR has been price.

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‘Arden’s Wake: Tide’s Fall’ Is A Masterclass In VR Storytelling


Meena’s journey continues in this absolutely breathtaking expansion to last years VR tear-jerker. The last time we talked about Arden’s Wake , we referred to it as essentially “Pixar in VR.”

Adding Mixed Reality Capture Support to Unreal Games


Mixed reality is one of the best ways to capture a real-world person interacting with VR environments and objects. And i’m not talking about Microsoft’s marketing use of the word “mixed reality” to describe their product line.

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Google Expeditions AR Tours Now Available To Public


Google announces the full release of Expeditions AR as well as updates to its Expeditions app.

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Navigate Your Smart Home Devices In AR


An augmented home is just seconds away thanks to the Smart AR Home app.

Facebook Begins Testing AR Ads In The News Feed


Facebook wants to prepare you for the upcoming holiday shopping by introducing AR advertisements into your news feed. Facebook is rolling out a brand-new feature that will let you to try on new clothes, check out a new accessories, or place furniture in your home, all through the power of AR.

Kim Jong Un Visits China: Tries Virtual Reality


Kim Jong Un experiences new realities outside North Korea. Overnight, North Korean and Chinese media confirmed a meeting took place between the countries’ leaders, Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping at the Chinese Beijing capital.

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Adobe Launches Immersive 360° Editing, Improves Plane To Sphere


The update is a window into the future of immersive content creation. Adobe unveiled a slew of new features in its Creative Cloud update released today, including an immersive 360-degree environment for its widely used video software Premiere Pro and animation suite After Effects.

This Theme Park Has A VR Water Slide


The German waterpark lets riders strap on a waterproof VR headset. From VR roller coaster rides at Sea World to shooting yourself out of a cannon , we’ve seen a range of exhilarating ways VR can bring theme park rides into the future.

Girl Guides & Brownies Awarded With VR Technology Badge


Saltash District Brownies and Guides earn the “first-ever” VR technology badge after helping design virtual environments for hospitalized children.

National Geographic Partners With Aryzon To Create Open-Air AR Planetarium


Sit mountainside and explore the stars in Quebec’s first open-air AR planetarium.

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Race Against Origami Robots In This Calming AR Puzzler


Old meets new as Mechagami World brings the ancient art of Japanese paper folding to life using AR technology.

VR Experiments in Space are Exploring Gravity’s Affect on Hand-Eye Coordination


Orbiting 248 miles above the Earth in the International Space Station (ISS), Astronaut Alexander Gerst is using VR to participate in a scientific study examining how the brain draws information from sources like light, sound, and especially gravity to assist hand-eye coordination.

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Shortening the Distance Between Family and Friends With Oculus Go


The inexpensive VR headset is the latest way to help connect with loved ones. Almost 50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, with even higher divorce rates in Spain, Portugal, Hungary and Belgium. And when children are involved, it can be even more difficult and trying for everyone.

Antilatency Brings 6DoF VR To The Oculus Go


Add positional tracking to your Oculus Go in just 1.5 hours with Antilatency technology. The Oculus Go is an excellent VR headset. Comfortable face padding, a generous field of view, a healthy line-up of software, all without the need of a powerful PC or smartphone.

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