Varjo’s VR-2 Pro Kills Screen Door Effect, Tracks Fingers, And Runs SteamVR Content


Varjo is releasing two successors to its VR-1 “bionic” VR headset. Varjo headsets’ unique feature is that they have angular resolution claimed as equivalent to the human eyes in the center of the image. There are two displays for each eye in a Varjo headset.

Boneworks Can Now Be Played From Start To Finish


Highly anticipated VR shooter Boneworks is a step closer to completion. Last week Stress Level Zero’s Brandon J Laatsch revealed that the game can now be played from beginning to finish.

Capcom Japan Announce Another Resident Evil 7 Free-Roam VR Attraction


Capcom announced a new walkthrough, free-roam VR attraction set in the world of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard , titled Biohazard: Walkthrough the Fear.

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New Five Nights At Freddy’s VR DLC Is On The Way


Good news for those that like pooping themselves inside VR headsets; new Five Nights at Freddy’s VR DLC is on the way! Developer Steel Wool Studios last week dropped a teaser trailer for Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted – Curse of Dreadbear.

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Sony Patent Filing Reveals Unseen PSVR Design With Mix Of Tracking Tech


A seemingly uninteresting patent recently granted to Sony may reveal some features of the hotly-rumored new PSVR 2.

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Asgard’s Wrath Review: VR’s Best And Most Ambitious Game Yet


The massive action-adventure RPG from Sanzaru Games, Asgard’s Wrath , is finally releasing on October 10th and we’ve spent the better part of the last few days immersing ourselves in the annals of Norse mythology to bring you our full, comprehensive review.

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HTC Now Says Vive Cosmos Controller Batteries Should Last 4 To 8 Hours


HTC addressed some common user and reviewer concerns relating to the newly-launched Vive Cosmos in a new blog post. Last week, we posted our review of the headset. In a nutshell, the headset is a mixed bag and in a difficult spot.

Hands-On: Death Lap Channels Twisted Metal For Intense VR Combat Racing


Death Lap is a new upcoming VR combat racing game from OZWE Games featuring cross-play and cross-buy that releases “soon” for Rift and Quest.

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Toyota Is Using VR To Train Domestic Robots


The robotics division of the Toyota Research Institute is using VR headsets to train robots to help perform and learn domestic actions.

Here’s Every Oculus Go App You Can Play On Quest


Looking for Oculus Go games on Quest? We’ve got the full list. Last week Facebook announced that a select number of popular Oculus Go/Gear VR apps were coming to Quest. Whilst the feature hasn’t arrived just yet, we do know which games and apps are making the jump.

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Oculus Headsets Pass 50% Market Share In September Steam Hardware Survey


Oculus headsets now make up more than 50% of VR headsets on Steam, according to the September Hardware Survey. The Facebook-owned brand’s total has hovered just below 50% for around two years now.

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Editorial: PSVR Fans Will See Patience Tested On The Road To PS5


Looking back on it, I can understand the skepticism. PSVR had a lot of prove when it launched on Sony’s phenomenally successful PS4 console on October 13, 2016.

Hideo Kojima Now Owns A Valve Index


Hideo Kojima, famous for creating the Metal Gear Solid series, is now the proud owner of a Valve Index. Kojima posted to both Twitter and Instagram to show off his brand new, semi-unboxed Valve Index. He enthusiastically wrote on Twitter , “VALVE INDEX has arrived from VALVE!

The Void Announces Avengers: Damage Control VR Experience, Tickets On Sale Now


Surprise! The Void just announced its Marvel VR experience, Avengers: Damage Control. We first reported that The Void was making a Marvel VR experience earlier this year. The company creates location-based VR experiences often based on popular IP like Wreck it Ralph and Star Wars.

Facebook To Build ‘True Next Generation Concept Prototype’ VR Headset


At Oculus Connect 6 last week Facebook’s chief VR researcher revealed something you might have missed: his division is going to build an integrated next generation concept prototype VR headset. So far, Facebook Reality Labs has been revealing feature prototypes.

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Oculus Quest Finger Tracking Decreases Battery Life By Just 7 Minutes


The upcoming Hand Tracking feature for Oculus Quest reduces battery life by just 7 minutes, according to Facebook. Hand Tracking was announced during the week at Oculus Connect 6 , Facebook’s annual VR/AR conference.

Slapstick VR Boxing Game Knockout League Hits Quest Next Week With Cross-Buy


Another contender is stepping into the ring on Oculus Quest. Grab Games’ Knockout League hits the platform soon. The slapstick VR boxing game will launch on the standalone headset on October 17. An Oculus Store listing for the game confirms as much.

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OC6: Oculus Quest Can Run SteamVR Games Via Link, Facebook Says


You should be able to play SteamVR games like Skyrim and No Man’s Sky on your Oculus Quest when Oculus Link arrives in November. Facebook revealed this new feature at Oculus Connect 6 yesterday.

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Respawn Resurrects Medal Of Honor In VR For Oculus-Exclusive AAA Shooter


Respawn Entertainment’s long-anticipated Oculus-exclusive shooter is a Medal of Honor VR game. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond was announced at the Oculus Connect 6 developer conference today. It’s coming exclusively to the Oculus Rift in 2020.

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OC6: New ‘Half Dome’ Prototypes Smaller, Lighter & More Reliable, But Lack 140 Degree FoV


At Oculus Connect 6 today, Facebook showed off two successors to the ‘Half Dome’ varifocal headset it first showed at F8 2018. Half Dome 1, 2, and 3. Half Dome was an advanced prototype headset with moving varifocal displays and a 140 degree field of view.

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Traffic Jams Lets You Live Out Your Intersection Management Dreams In VR


Have you ever looked at a traffic controller standing at a busy intersection and thought, “Man, I would really love to try that out without any of the stress or risk of managing cars in real life”? Well, have we got the game for you.

Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time Has The Hokey Heart Of British Sci-Fi Intact


Doctor Who has a knack for reinvention or, more fittingly, regeneration. I don’t just mean in the Doctor’s many changing faces but the way those changes come to shape its tone and feel.

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HTC CEO Yves Maitre: ‘I’m Not Sure That The Target Is To Beat Oculus’


In an interview with Bloomburg Technology , newly-appointed HTC Ceo Yves Maitre spoke about the competition in the VR market between Oculus and HTC. He also spoke about the VR market at large and how it has affected HTC’s performance and stock price.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Won’t Support VR At Launch, ‘Maybe’ Later On


Microsoft’s upcoming next generation flight simulator will not support VR at launch, according to a YouTuber who was given hands-on access at a Microsoft hosted event.

Facebook Will ‘Look At Tackling The Technical Challenges’ Of Rift S Finger Tracking


Are you wondering if Oculus finger tracking will come to Rift S?

OC6 Analysis: Facebook Isn’t Playing Games With Its Finger Tracking For VR


Facebook demonstrated an early version of finger tracking on its Oculus Quest VR headset at Oculus Connect 6. The intuitive input method is slated for release as an experimental consumer feature in “early 2020” alongside the release of an SDK for developers.

HTC Vive Cosmos Review: A Strong Debut, But Still Not Enough


A few weeks ago HTC finally revealed the release date and price for the HTC Vive Cosmos : October 3rd for $699. We tried it out briefly , but now after spending about a week with a review unit we’ve got our full and finalized review.

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Beat Saber Now Has Achievements On Oculus And Steam Platforms


Late last week, Beat Games announced that achievements for Beat Saber were released on Oculus and Steam platforms. The achievements are the same ones that were already available for PSVR users as trophies.

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VR Fitness Company YUR Launches Quest Beta To Help Track Calories


Virtual Reality fitness company YUR are releasing an app for the Oculus Quest that will help you track calories while using any of the device’s games or apps.

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OC6: New Quest Game ‘In The Boneworks Universe’ Coming 2020


Today during Oculus Connect 6 (OC6) Mike Verdu from the Oculus team revealed that Stress Level Zero is working on a new game in the Boneworks universe for Quest next year. That’s really about all we know at this time.

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Long-Delayed PSVR Exclusive Golem Finally Gets Release Date


It’s finally happening! We have the Golem release date! Oddly enough Highwire Games’ long-delayed PSVR exclusive will be arriving first as a physical disc… in Europe. The game comes out on disc on November 8th, published by physical specialists, Perp Games.

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Oculus Connect: Where Facebook’s Chief Researcher Michael Abrash Predicts The Future Of VR


For the last half-decade at each Oculus Connect, Facebook’s top VR researcher presented an annual look at the future of the technology.

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OC6: Beat Saber Gets Panic At The Disco Pack Next Week, 360 Levels Soon


There was some big Beat Saber news at Oculus Connect 6 today because of course there was. Developer Beat Games took the stage at the developer event to announce two new things. First up, they talked about the 360 degree levels first revealed at E3 this year.

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Spectro Is Welcome Bit Of VR Ghost Busting, Out Today


There are few things I would assign the word ‘hate’ to in this world. The Star Wars prequels would probably qualify. Probably seafood, too. But, most of all, I hate jump scares. I mean that sit-in-the-cinema-fingers-in-my-ears-eyes-closed kind of hate.

VR Graffiti Game Kingspray Hits Quest This Week


Remember Kingspray ? It was a great little VR graffiti experience that launched alongside PC VR headsets. We’d all but forgotten about it, but it turns out Kingspray Quest is coming soon.

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