NextVR Debuts New High Resolution Video Format with NBA Finals Highlights Reels

Road to VR

On the list of other future tech yet to be publicly released is NextVR’s volumetric video capture and playback, which allows the viewer’s perspective to move positionally within the video (rather than just rotationally).

Video 174

The NBA and TNT Partner With Intel For Biggest VR Push Yet


In 2017, the NBA gave fans the ability to switch between multiple 360° courtside views. Thursday, March 1 – Philadelphia @ Cleveland. Thursday, April 5 – Washington @ Cleveland. News 360 Video Intel NBA Sports TNT

NBA and Oculus Team Up For One Stellar Gear VR Experience


In partnership with Facebook’s Oculus team, the NBA has released a VR documentary that runs a surprisingly 25-minutes long, taking you behind-the-scenes for the dramatic games in Oakland and Cleveland that led to the Cavaliers taking home their first championship.

Sacramento Kings new NBA arena wired for VR instant replay with mobile headsets.

Cats and VR

The Sacramento Kings are heavily embracing Virtual Reality and recently invested in virtual reality video startup Voke. Dan Gilbert, owner of NBA champions Cleveland Cavaliers has also shown interest in using this as a way to generate additional revenue from games.