7invensun Announces $150 Eye-tracking Module Supporting All HTC Headsets

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Called Droolon F1, 7invensun’s new eye-tracking module was primarily announced to target the company’s upcoming Vive Cosmos , the inside-out tracked PC VR headset arriving on October 3rd for $700.

HTC’s Vive Cosmos And Vive Focus Are Getting An Eye Tracking Addon


HTC’s Vive Cosmos, Vive Focus, Vive Focus Plus, and Vive are getting an eye tracking addon from Chinese startup 7invensun. This isn’t 7invensun’s first Vive eye tracking addon. Eye tracking has several uses in VR.

Oculus Job Listing Points to Eye-tracking in ‘next gen AR/VR products’

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One posting in particular at Facebook’s Reality Lab— Electrical Engineer – Eye Tracking in AR/VR —lends a healthy dose of credence to the belief that the company is indeed pushing to include eye-tracking in their next generation products.

7Invensun shows that eye-tracking on a standalone headset is now possible

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In Beijing, I have visited again my friends of 7Invensun , one of the worldwide leaders in eye tracking technologies. During my first visit , they showed me some cool prototypes: a prototypical eye tracking add-on for HoloLens and a prototypical Vive Focus with embedded eye tracking.

7Invensun reveals high-quality eye-tracking VR accessory for only $149

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Last week at a dedicated Vive X event, Chinese company 7Invensun has presented one of the most interesting eye tracking accessories to date. 7Invensun is one of the worldwide leaders for what concerns eye tracking. virtual reality eye tracking

Haptic Surgery Platform FundamentalVR Increases Authenticity With Eye-Tracking


Recently, it made a small but significant step towards that goal with eye-tracking. Usually when we hear about eye-tracking’s importance to VR, it’s to do with foveated rendering. Eye-tracking as a means of input often feels like an afterthought.

GDC 2019: Tobii Lauches VR, AR Eye-Tracking SDK


Eye-tracking specialist Tobii is honing in on VR and AR developers at GDC this week. It’s a set of tools and resources designed to get developers up to speed with its eye-tracking tech. Using the kit, creators can implement features like gaze-based selection and eye-tracked interfaces. Tobii also says it includes tools to mirror a user’s eye movements on a VR avatar for social VR applications. VR Industry News eye tracking GDC tobii

Tobii Making Foveated Rendering Eye-Tracking Tech Available To New Headsets


Earlier this year Tobii and HTC Vive partnered to bring foveated rendering tech to the new HTC Vive Pro Eye. It’s essentially the same tech already utilized in Vive Pro Eye. Tobii Group (@TobiiTechnology) July 29, 2019. Vive Pro Eye is an enterprise-level headset, though.

CES 2019 Vive Pro Eye: Impressions Of Tobii Eye Tracking


At CES 2019, HTC revealed the “Vive Pro Eye” featuring eye tracking from Tobii. Several demos from Vive partner developers showcased potential use cases for the Vive Pro Eye. In VR, this mode appeared to reflect where each eye was pointed very accurately.

HTC Announces Vive Pro Eye Headset With Integrated Eye-tracking

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Today at CES HTC made a slew of announcements about the Vive ecosystem, including a new, upcoming version of the Vive Pro called the Vive Pro Eye. HTC says that the Vive Pro Eye will launch in Q2 of 2019. CES 2019 HTC Vive News ces 2019 htc vive htc vive pro eye vive pro eye

Kellogg’s Works With Accenture For VR & Eye Tracking Merchandise Plan


Thanks to VR and eye-tracking technology, that data is now obtainable. ” “Did you look at merchandising signage? “What direction did your eyes go when scanning a shelf?” Kellogg’s see’s 18% bump in sales through VR marketing research.

WCVRI Day 1: Hands-on RealMax AR glasses and Droolon F1 eye tracking!

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And as I promised you, I’m sharing with you all my impressions , so you will feel as if you were here with me… Today I will talk with you about the WCVRI event, the RealMax AR glasses and the Droolon F1 eye tracking accessory! I’ve just had my first day in Nanchang, China.

Sony Patents Prescription Glasses With Eye-Tracking To Use With VR Headset


Not only that, but the glasses include eye-tracking sensors. The patent, published last week , doesn’t showcase a new VR headset with its own eye-tracking capabilities. But it’s the inclusion of an eye-tracking sensor that makes this patent really interesting. That’s a process in which a headset tracks the position of the user’s eyes and fully renders the area of the screen in the center of their vision.

CES 2019: Pimax Showcases Open-Palm Controllers, Hand & Eye-Tracking


Now, thanks to partnerships with Leap Motion and 7invensun , Pimax is introducing additional functionality in the form of both hand and eye-tracking. Finally, there’s the open-palm Pimax motion controllers, compatible with the Pimax 8K as well as Steam VR tracking 1.0

Eye-Tracking Group Tobii Plans To Invest $16 Million In VR By 2019


With its eye-tracking solution already on the market, Tobii could be a big player in VR going forward. This money will help the company keep up with the rate at which eye-tracking is expected to advance in the coming years.

Sony Hints Next-gen PSVR Could Bring HDR, Wireless, Eye-tracking & More

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Speaking this week at the Collision 2019 conference in Toronto, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Vice President of Research and Development, Dominic Mallinson, detailed a number of “must-have ‘evolutionary’ improvements” for future VR headsets.

CES 2019: HTC Announces Vive Pro Eye With Integrated Eye-Tracking And Foveated Rendering


HTC’s Vive Pro headset is getting an eye-tracking upgrade. Meet Vive Pro Eye. The Vive Pro Eye looks to be an upgrade to last year’s Vive Pro. Eye-tracking is a popular topic in VR. We don’t yet know exactly how Vive Pro Eye will arrive but it’s described as ‘integrated’ eye-tracking. Meanwhile, look out for more news from HTC’s CES 2019 press conference. HTC Vive Pro Eye

Varjo Announces XR-1 Headset With Human-Eye Resolution And Eye Tracking


The XR-1 also features depth sensor technology which enables the headset to automatically map real-world environments and provide a natural sense of occlusion —as well as 20/20 eye tracking, allowing clients to monitor which moments of their experiences received the most attention.

PlayStation R&D Head Outlines ‘Next-Gen’ VR Headsets: Increased Resolution, Wider FOV, HDR, Wireless, Eye-Tracking


Mallison held a session at the Collision 2019 in Toronto this week, as covered by VentureBeat. “The human eye sees an enormous range of light from bright sunlight to deep shadow,” Mallison said. ” Eye-Tracking. Finally, we have one of the most sought-after innovations in VR, eye-tracking. This involves a sensor detecting where your eyes are looking on a virtual display.

CES 2019: HTC Vive Pro’s Eye Tracking Is Supplied By Tobii


Tobii announced today that it is the supplier of the eye tracking technology for HTC’s new Vive Pro Eye VR headset. HTC announced the Vive Pro Eye durings its special press event yesterday. Foveated rendering is a process which renders most of the view of a VR headset at lower resolution except for the exact area where the user’s eye is pointed, which is detected with eye tracking. HTC Vive Pro Eye foveated rendering tobii

Varjo Launches VR-1 with Retina-quality Fixed-foveated Display & Eye-tracking, Priced at $6,000

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The VR-1 also includes custom-made eye-tracking which the company claims delivers “unmatched precision and accuracy” in a stereo eye-tracking solution. SteamVR Tracking 2.0 Varjo today announced the launch of its VR-1 headset.

Vive Pro Eye Hits FCC on Its Way to 2019 Launch

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HTC Vive Pro Eye, the enterprise-focused VR headset with integrated eye-tracking, has officially undergone testing by the FCC. Vive Pro Eye’s unique FCC ID is 2Q29200, while the original Vive Pro is 2Q29100, suggesting that it’s in the same device lineage.

Interview: Automotive Specialist Zerolight on Finessing Software Through Eye Tracking

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With this in mind, Zerolight continually looks to optimise the software via the use of eye-tracking and heatmaps. Using a headset like the HTC Vive Eye, Zerolight can monitor where a customer is looking, what draws their attention and how long they may look at specific areas.

My predictions for augmented reality in 2019

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It’s the beginning of 2019, and this means that this is that time of the year when we all make predictions for this year in AR and VR! Jokes apart, what has happened in AR in 2018… and what can you expect to happen in 2019? Predictions for Augmented Reality in 2019.

CES 2019: First Pictures Of HTC Vive Cosmos And Pro Eye Arrive


We’re at HTC’s booth at CES 2019 where the company just revealed two new VR headsets. The first of the two headsets announced today was the HTC Vive Pro Eye. It’s the next version of last year’s Vive Pro with one key upgrade: integrated eye-tracking. This allows you to use your eyes as a form of input. This uses eye-tracking to fully render only the part of the VR display a user is looking at.

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My predictions for virtual reality in 2019

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Yesterday, I have dressed as a fortune teller and I have given you my predictions for augmented reality in 2019. And how it will be in 2019? The Odyssey has anyway the problem of the non-optimal tracking of controllers. It’s 2019.

Vive Pro Eye Now Available in Europe, Starting at €1,700

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HTC opened up orders in Europe today for their latest VR headset, Vive Pro Eye , a version of the company’s enterprise headset with integrated eye-tracking. The post Vive Pro Eye Now Available in Europe, Starting at €1,700 appeared first on Road to VR.

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HTC VIVE Pro Eye hands-on: More than just eye-tracking


This week we got the opportunity to try out the newest in innovative VR tech from HTC, the HTC VIVE Pro Eye. Archive CES Live Features CES CES 2019 Gaming Hands On HTC HTC VIVE virtual reality vr vr headset

All the best AR and VR news from CES 2019

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Last week has been the week of CES 2019 , one of the most important technology exhibition of the year. HTC has been the VR star of this CES 2019. CES pic.twitter.com/AgZ2c2i0Dx — Nathie (@NathieVR) January 8, 2019. We can so expect them to be released in Q3-Q4 2019.

GDC 2019: HTC To Showcase Vive Hand Tracking And Road Map At Developer Day


Most notably, HTC plans to lay out its 2019 roadmap for developers within a keynote talk. Interestingly there will also be a talk on hand tracking, a feature we reported was on the way to Vive Pro some time ago. Vive’s work in hand tracking will also be on display here as well as eye tracking (which can be seen in the upcoming HTC Vive Pro Eye ).

HTC's new Vive Pro Eye headset features built-in eye tracking


The company unveiled a new Vive Pro Eye headset, which has eye tracking features built directly in, eliminating the need for external controllers. The Vive Pro Eye comes one year after HTC first launched the $799 Vive Pro , its first VR headset optimized for enterprise users.

HTC announces Vive Pro Eye and Vive Cosmos at CES 2019

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The CES is going to start tomorrow, but today HTC has already made its great announcements, showing to the world the upcoming new hardware Vive Pro Eye, Vive Cosmos and software solutions Viveport Infinity and Vive Reality system. Vive Pro Eye.

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Vive Pro Eye Now Available For Purchase In North America


Professional-grade VR eye-tracking for $1,599. HTC announced today their Vive Pro Eye VR headset is now available for purchase in North America through Vive.com and select retailers. The post Vive Pro Eye Now Available For Purchase In North America appeared first on VRScout.

Exclusive: DisplayLink Demonstrates Foveated Compression for Better Wireless VR

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But VR headsets are inevitably moving toward higher resolutions— as we’ve seen this week at CES 2019 —making it increasingly harder to make them wireless. Eye-tracking then can be used to make sure that the high quality region always stays at the center no matter how you move your eye.

Vive Pro Eye: Everything We Know About HTC’s New Headset


The company also debuted Vive Pro Eye , an update to last year’s Vive Pro. As the name suggests, it comes with a key new feature: integrated eye-tracking. Read on for our full run-down of everything we know about the Vive Pro Eye. But Eye-Tracking Has Lots Of Uses.