Leap Motion Releases Major Tracking Update and New Demos to Show It Off

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Leap Motion builds the leading markerless hand-tracking technology, and today the company revealed a update which they claim brings major improvements “across the board.” Founded in 2010, Leap Motion released its initial product (today called the ‘ Leap Motion Controller ‘) in 2012, a desktop-focused peripheral which offered markerless hand-tracking. Image courtesy Leap Motion.

This Tech Lets You Move Virtual Objects Like A Jedi


To test the feature, the team used an Oculus Rift CV1 for display and a Leap Motion was applied for hand tracking. The virtual environment was developed in the Unity game engine, and the native physics engine of Unity was used to drive the physics-based simulation of the Force Push interface. News Jedi Force Push Leap Motion Oculus Rift Virginia TechThese are definitely the VR powers you’re looking for…. It was only a matter of time.


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Leap Motion tracking v4 sample apps show how Virtual Reality UX should be made

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This is because Leap Motion has announced its v4 version of the tracking runtime and with it three demos to showcase the new tracking functionalities: Cat Explorer, Particles, and Paint. I’ve tried them all: I was so curious about them that I took out my Leap Motion and used some tape to attach it to my Oculus Rift CV1, that in the end, was something like a mummy headset. A great job by Leap Motion engineers!

Reliving Memories With The Looking Glass Pro 3D Holographic Workstation


Released back in 2018, the Looking Glass was an instant hit among 3D content creators. This USB-C input can also be used to connect a variety of compatible controllers, including the Leap Motion tracker, Intel’s Realsense, even a Nintendo Joy-Con. The Looking Glass Pro is now available for shipping worldwide at $6,000 and is compatible with both Unity and Unreal Engine, as well as a handful of 3D modeling and printing applications.

GDC 2018 VR And AR News Roundup: Everything You Might Have Missed


Now that GDC 2018 is winding down we thought it’d be helpful to combine all of the VR/AR news from this year’s conference into a single post, like we did from CES 2018 earlier in the year. Oculus’ Hardware Reports Reveal Less Than Half Of Gear Owners Use Motion Controller. Magic Leap’s Design Discussion Reveals Very Few Real Details (Surprise!). Amazing New Leap Motion Concept Videos. Magic Leap One Getting Unreal Engine 4 Support.

Designing Cat Explorer


In the physical world, we rely on tangible things to dissipate tremors and inaccuracies, offer mechanical constraints that restrict erratic motion, provide high fidelity feedback at the points of contact, and serve as a rest, allowing some of the arm muscles to relax while staying productive over longer periods of time. This is the core of our mission at Leap Motion. The post Designing Cat Explorer appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

How to fix Vive controllers not working inside SteamVR games

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And not because of the motion sickness , but because something doesn’t work. In my case, the controllers weren’t detected in any app, not even in Unity when developing for VR. Leap Motion driver and runtime. We all love virtual reality, but sometimes it gives us big headaches. And that’s ok, it is still a new technology and it has already made big steps forward (I remember all the computer crashes I had at the Oculus DK 2 times!),

Summoning and Superpowers: Designing VR Interactions at a Distance


One of the core design philosophies at Leap Motion is that the most intuitive and natural interactions are direct and physical. This single motion action to select and summon was more efficient than two discrete motions, though they offered more control. Photo credits: Leap Motion, picturesbymom.com. The post Summoning and Superpowers: Designing VR Interactions at a Distance appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

Scaffolding in VR: Interaction Design for Stacking and Assembly


Check out our results below or download the example demo from the Leap Motion Gallery. The advanced hand-based physics layer of the Leap Motion Interaction Engine makes the foundational elements of grabbing and releasing virtual objects feel natural. Then, in our ScaffoldGridVisual class, we can use the Leap Motion API to get a fingertip position, using it to set the value for our custom “_HoverPosition” variable in the material for our grid point cubes.

How VR Can Get To A Hundred Million Headsets By 2024


In 2018, there is already a market of hundreds of thousands of VR headset owners willing to spend at least $20 apiece for hours of entertainment with a quality VR title and full “ 6dof ” hand controls. Point-and-reach controllers, however, are absent in the first standalone headsets expected to ship to most countries in 2018, including the Mirage Solo, Vive Focus and Oculus Go. A wave of accessories powered by the WiGig standard are planned to make this more common in 2018.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


The Steven Spielberg-directed movie version of a cult classic VR novel is coming out as a movie in March of 2018—and Ready Player One ’s first trailer debuted at Comic-Con. San Francisco-based Leap Motion has raised a $50M Series C for their hand- and finger-tracking technology. The round was led by JP Morgan Asset management, and this fresh influx of cash brings Leap Motion’s total funding to almost $95M.

Triton Project is an affordable DIY AR headset

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Triton works with Leap Motion (now Ultra Leap) hands tracking. With Pumori.io , I had created 6 Unity apps that demo UI/UX concepts on the Project North Star headset. Is this the only supported programming language or devs can also use Unity and Unreal Engine?

AR 394

My predictions for augmented reality in 2019

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Jokes apart, what has happened in AR in 2018… and what can you expect to happen in 2019? Augmented Reality in 2018. More or less AR in 2018 has gone as I predicted in 2017. Magic Leap. Me, wearing a Magic Leap One. The most important news has been for sure the launch of the Magic Leap One. Rear view of the Magic Leap One. Leap Motion. You may ask why I’m adding Leap Motion here. Magic Leap.

VR Bound Announces Nominees For Inaugural 2017 VR Awards


So much so that organizers are already taking registered interests for 2018. Also announced was the judging panel that includes virtual reality experts such as Josh Naylor of Unity Technologies, Jenn Duong of Shiift, and CEO of Spiral Media Megan Gaiser. Leap MotionLeap Motion. An evening dedicated to celebrating the past years VR accomplishments.

All you need to know on Oculus Connect 6: the most important news in one single article!

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Then there are the problems that are inherent to all hands-tracking solutions like Leap Motion : no haptic feedback, virtual hands that trespass objects they are interacting with, and such. But they claim having also seen a Unity experience running from it (maybe it will be possible to develop for Horizon with Unity, as it is possible with VRChat), so developers may still be able to create more complex stuff. in 2018 ( according to SuperData ).

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