On the Hunt for VR’s Killer App with Samsung’s VP of Immersive Products & VR, Nick DiCarlo

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Samsung’s Nick DiCarlo weighs in on how we might come to find it. Today we hear from Nick DiCarlo, VP of Immersive Products & VR at Samsung. SEE ALSO Samsung Gear VR Install Base Has Passed 5 Million Headsets.

Xbox Game Studios Has (inadvertently?) Acquired Heaps of VR Development Talent

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Founded in 2007 to take over the Halo franchise on Microsoft’s behalf from its progenitor studio, Bungie, 343 Industries is responsible for every Halo game since Halo Reach (2010) , including the upcoming Halo Infinite which is due to launch with the next Xbox console.

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Nintendo Files Patent For Glasses Positional Tracking System


This is similar to a Carnegie Mellon University research project from all the way back in 2007: The described system in itself is not actually VR- to be clear. Gaming giant Nintendo filed for a patent for a positional tracking system for glasses.

Visit the Ancient Rome in VR with Rome Reborn

The Ghost Howls

of the Rome Reborn® model was completed in 2007, 2.0 was started in 1997 and completed in 2007. was started in the summer of 2007. At the moment, this means solutions such as the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus GO.

VR Sales Analysis: Rift and Vive to Sell Under 500,000 in 2016, PS VR to Top 2 Million


In addition, the analysis also purports that the Samsung Gear VR — built in collaboration with Oculus — will sell 2,316,632 units. . million units when it released in 2007 before skyrocketing to 11.63

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STRIVR Introduces VR Training On and Off the Field

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It’s a question that STRIVR Labs CEO Derek Belch has been asking himself since 2007 when the former Stanford Cardinal kicker took a class about virtual reality from Jeremy Bailenson, the head of Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL).

Apple Mum on AR/VR for iPhone 7, but Here’s How We Know They’re Still Working on It

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In fact, Apple’s patents in this field tell us that the company has been thinking about immersive wearables for a long time; patents filed at least as far back as 2007 show a device that looks much like the VR headsets we see today.

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A Brief History of VR


After its 2007 release of google Street View, in 2010, google introduced stereoscopic 3D mode for Street View. 2014 was also the year that Samsung announced the Samsung VR gear that would eventually be released in 2016. .

Intel Can’t Hide Strategical Mistakes, AMD to Pounce?


Confirming that is the relatively recent agreements between AMD and GlobalFoundries regarding the wafer sourcing and preparation for the 7nm technology node, which now includes not just TSMC, but Samsung as well.

How Producers at 360 Labs Experiment with Virtual Reality


Thomas Hayden shot his first 360 video content more than a decade ago for Immersive Media, a pioneer in the 360 VR video industry and the original company to produce Google Street View content for its launch in 2007.

Jules Urbach’s Quest To Realize Star Trek’s Holodeck


Facebook, Sony, Valve, Samsung and HTC all bet on games. Jules showed this to me during our first meeting in March 2007.” Jules Urbach is on the brink. Rest is rare for the 43-year-old with curly black hair and just a touch of gray in his beard.

Top 37 VR Film Festivals to Attend in 2018


Projects must be viewable via Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, or Google Cardboard. Fictional and non-fictional, live-action cinematography and CGI are all acceptable as long as they are compatible with mobile HMD's such as Samsung Gear VR.