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Frank Zappa Hologram Tour Set To Launch 2019


“The Bizarre World Of Frank Zappa” tour will feature never-before-seen performances by Zappa. It’s no secret that legendary musician Frank Zappa was one of the most talented performers to ever grace the stage.

AMD ‘Radeon ReLive for VR’ Streams SteamVR Games to Standalone Headsets

Road to VR

AMD today launched an updated version of their AMD Radeon Software suite which now includes the ability to stream SteamVR games to standalone and smartphone-based headsets, assuming you have a compatible AMD GPU.

Audi Has Deployed 1,000 VR Showrooms in Dealerships Worldwide

Road to VR

German car maker Audi was quick to see the potential of VR and has been experimenting since the early days of VR’s resurgence to see how the tech could be used to enhance the car buying experience.

LEGO Playgrounds: A Mixed Reality Portal Of Innovation


Have you ever wanted to jump through a mysterious portal and travel to a brand new universe where you loose all sense of space and time? LEGO Playgrounds, LEGO’s latest AR app-based channel , allows you to do precisely that.

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Google Assembles Marvel's Surviving Avengers & Other AR Sticker Packs for All Pixel Devices via Playground Update

Next Reality AR

Owners of Google Pixel devices now have a plethora of imaginary friends to play with thanks to the Playground augmented reality app. The app, a rebrand of the AR Stickers app, launched as an exclusive app for the Google Pixel 3 and 3XL handsets in October.

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A regulatory filing confirms what’s been clear for some time — the IMAX VR experiment is over.

A Virtual Comedy Experience

Tech Trends VR

Sansar to Host Live Comedy Series of Shows with Steve Hofstetter.

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Niantic Picks an AR Fight with Pokémon GO Players via Trainer Battles Rollout

Next Reality AR

Augmented reality gaming company Niantic Labs is now instigating conflicts between Pokémon GO players, but it's not as bad as it sounds. On Wednesday, Niantic began rolling out the new Trainer Battles player versus player fight mode, starting first with players level 40 and above.

Google’s Daydream 6DOF Controllers Now Shipping To Developers


The first unboxing video for Google’s 6DOF controllers hit the Web as the first wave of developer kits appear to be shipping out.

LooxidVR is a virtual reality headset that can analyze your emotions

The Ghost Howls

When I wrote my post about CES 2018 , I briefly talked about a headset called LooxidVR, able to “read the emotions” of the user by employing a combination of EEG sensors and eye tracking. Looxid VR has also won an innovation award at CES.

‘Borderlands 2 VR’ Review – An Ok Version of a Good Game

Road to VR

Borderlands 2 VR is a PSVR exclusive port of the popular 2012 title. The core tenants of the franchise has always been: 1) shoot stuff, 2) loot stuff, but now the big question is whether or not VR adds to the experience. Borderlands 2 VR Details: Official Site. PlayStation Store [Digital].

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Voice-Activated BBC VR Experience Puts You In The Shoes Of A Suffragette


Make some noise in a VR experience inspired by histories greatest women’s rights activists. In this day and age, one could be forgiven for being somewhat disillusioned with democracy, but still, come election time, I always vote.

ARCore 1.6 Gifts Developers with Improved Lighting & Support for Screen Capturing

Next Reality AR

Christmas has arrived early for ARCore app developers, as Google just unwrapped a few iterative improvements to the augmented reality toolkit in version 1.6. The first improvement comes in the form of improved lighting in Sceneform, Google's 3D rendering library for Javascript.

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SoulKeeper VR’s Stunning 2.0 Trailer Looks Like A Skyrim Made For VR


Back in May, we reported that SoulKeeper VR developer HELM Systems was working on a ‘very different’ version of its fantasy RPG that would release as an ‘Early Access 2.0’ ’ build.

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Kingdom Hearts VR experience launching on PSVR on Christmas.

Cats and VR

This Christmas, Square Enix is launching the Kingdom Hearts PSVR Experience they teased prior to Tokyo Game Show this year. The experience has around 10 minutes of content that allows you to relieve the history of the Kingdom Hearts series in VR.

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VRgineers Reveals Improved ‘XTAL’ Professional Headset with Wider FOV

Road to VR

VRgineers, a Czech Republic-based startup building enterprise VR headsets, today announced a more advanced version of their wide field of view (FOV) professional headset XTAL. The new version, which features a wider FOV thanks to a new pair of non-Fresnel lenses, will be making its debut at CES 2019.

Caltech Scientists Use AR To Help The Blind Navigate


Scientists at Caltech are using AR to give objects in a room a voice, allowing the visually impaired to hear their surroundings. According to the World Health Organization , it is estimated that approximately 1.3 billion people around the globe live with some form of vision impairment.

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Magic Leap Launches Cheddar Video News Channel on Magic Leap One

Next Reality AR

The team at Magic Leap just got a millennial-style boost with the announcement that financial news network Cheddar is coming to the Magic Leap One. Cheddar CEO Jon Steinberg revealed the news in a surprise tweet early Tuesday morning.

Rift Developers Can Now Grant Custom Oculus Home Items As Achievements


Developers of Oculus Rift games sold on the Oculus Store can now grant custom Oculus Home items as achievements. Users can decorate their virtual homes with these achievements and even show off them off to friends. Facebook first announced this feature at Oculus Connect 5 back in late September.

Anime VR: present and future of a new medium

The Ghost Howls

Today I feature a very interesting blog post about Virtual Reality anime by Fedotov Maxim. If you like anime and you like virtual reality (as my buddy Max, to whom I dedicate this post), I’m sure that you will appreciate a lot this article.

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Check Out Your Travel Destination In VR Before You Book


Rizort Inc. adds several new locations to its collaborative vacation planning VR app.

Cheddar's Magic Leap One App Is Now Available Online, This Is How It Works

Next Reality AR

When the announcement of the Cheddar app for Magic Leap first went out on Tuesday morning, the app was not available on my updated Magic Leap One (located in New York City). However, after checking throughout the day, I can confirm that the app is now live.

Viewr Gives Friends A Window Into What You Are Doing In VR


Virtual reality experiences can be amazing, but they’re often isolated. So Viewr is a new tool that lets your friends see what you are doing in VR.

Until Dawn dev Supermassive Games continues to support VR with new game for Google Daydream

Cats and VR

BAFTA-winning independent British developer Supermassive Games is proud to announce Shattered State, an interactive cinematic thriller for Daydream.

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‘Spice & Wolf VR’ Kickstarter Doubles Funding Goal, Coming to Rift, Vive, Go, PSVR & Quest

Road to VR

SpicyTails , the studio behind VR anime experience Project LUX (2018) , recently launched a Kickstarter for their latest VR project, Spice & Wolf VR.

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Test Your Puzzle-Solving Skills In This AR Escape Room


Stepping through into another dimension is easy, but can you get out in time? It’s always interesting to see what types of games become popular as a relativaly new platform continues to expand. And it’s often not what you’d expect.

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Magic Leap Reveals Plan to Offer Cheddar Video News Channel on Magic Leap One

Next Reality AR

The team at Magic Leap just got a millennial-style boost with the announcement that financial news network Cheddar is coming to the Magic Leap One. Cheddar CEO Jon Steinberg revealed the news in a surprise tweet early Tuesday morning.

10 Things We Can’t Wait To Do In Borderlands 2 VR


Borderlands 2 VR on PSVR is just a few days away as it’s set to release later this week. Soon, PSVR owners will be able to return to Pandora six years later after the original game released and re-explore the psycho-ravaged landscapes once again.

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Win the Gungrave VR Loaded Coffin Edition (PSVR US Only)

Cats and VR

GUNGRAVE VR , the virtual reality shooter featuring third- and first-person gameplay modes and designs from original character designer Yasuhiro Nightow ( Trigun ), and the standalone episode 2 GUNGRAVE VR U.N in North America for PlayStation®VR on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.

Beat Games: First Song Pack for ‘Beat Saber’ Could Arrive on PSVR This Month

Road to VR

Beat Games co-founder and CEO Jaroslav Beck tweeted today that the PSVR version of hit rhythm game Beat Saber (2018) could be getting its first song pack sometime this month.

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Building An AR Platform For Intelligent Avatars


Artie’s engine uses AI to create entertaining and highly interactive avatars in augmented reality. . The ability to create engaging avatars is crucial if social immersive experiences and platforms wish to catch on with consumers.

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How to suppress the controller pairing popup in your Vive Focus app

The Ghost Howls

Today I want to propose you a quick solution for one big problem of the Vive Focus apps: the controller pairing popup always appearing in front of your eyes.

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Until Dawn Dev Supermassive Returns To VR With The Experimental Shattered State


Supermassive Games is bookending the year in VR in much better form than it started.

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AR+VR Weekly: VR headset growth, Audi’s 1000 VR Showrooms & 250M ARCore devices

AWE Blog

Catch up on the latest XR highlights, funding news & launch announcements: Week of Dec 10. Source: Audi. By Tom Emrich. Highlights. It’s been another busy week in AR+VR!

Survios Shares Momentum & Learnings in Location-based VR Business

Road to VR

Survios, a veteran VR game developer, shared fresh insights into the health of the company’s out-of-home business activities, a sector of the VR industry which has been increasingly heating up in the last 18 months.

Tesla Files Patent For AR Manufacturing System


The electric car manufacturer looks to increase assembly line productivity using a Google Glass-type experience. 2018 has been an interesting year for filed patents based on AR and VR ideas.

Mind-bending VR adventure game A Fisherman's Tale will launch on various VR platfroms on January 22, 2019.

Cats and VR

In A Fisherman’s Tale , you live a cozy, isolated life until one day you realize you’re just a little wooden puppet trapped inside the model of a lighthouse! Worse, the model is replicated inside and out on an infinite recursive loop.

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