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Crowdfunded 3D Headphone Startup OSSIC is Shutting Down, 99% of Orders Go Undelivered

Road to VR

OSSIC, the headphone company known for its massively successful 3D headphone crowdfunding campaigns, is shutting down due to lack of capital.

‘Reality Portals’ Allow Real-Time Communication Between The Real World & VR


SVVR’s first project under their ambitious MULTIVERSE initiative links VR with the real world via mixed reality live events.

HTC Says Watching ‘Ready Player One’ Boosts VR Purchase Intent in China

Road to VR

HTC China President Alvin Wang Graylin tweeted recently that Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One (2018) is projected to have a “significantly positive impact” on VR adoption in China this year.

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ZONE OF THE ENDERS remaster coming to PSVR!

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Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. announces today that ZONE OF THE ENDERS: The 2nd RUNNER – M ? RS will release on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®VR, and PC via Steam on September 6th. Players can pre-order the game starting today for all platforms. ZONE OF THE ENDERS: The 2nd RUNNER - M ?

AWE USA 2018

AWE USA, the world’s #1 AR+VR conference and expo, is back for it’s 9th year on May 30-June 1, 2018 in Santa Clara, CA. Use code VRPUL200 for $200 off all three All Access Passes (1-day, 2-day and 3-day) as well as the 2-day Expo Only Pass.

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Pimax to Ship Pre-production “8K” Headsets This Month, Kickstarter Version Slated for June

Road to VR

Pimax today updated their “8K” headset Kickstarter page to announce that pre-production units of the 200 field of view headset, dubbed M1, will be shipping to a handful of closed beta testers this month.

How Businesses Are Cutting Employee Training Costs With VR


VR is the future of employee training, and businesses are taking notice. . It’s no secret an increasing number of businesses are turning to virtual and augmented reality for employee training.

Retro VR adventure game Pixel Ripped 1989 delayed until Summer but check out the charming update video.

Cats and VR

The response to Pixel Ripped response during GDC, PAX East, and VRLA has been overwhelmingly positive and during that time the game was set to be released in May.

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Blood, Bugs, and Bullets Looks Like Starship Troopers VR


I’m all for campy stuff. When done correctly, cheesy humor that doesn’t take itself too seriously can bring out plenty of smiles in even the most jaded of gamers.

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ARKit 101: How to Pilot Your 3D Plane to a Location Using 'hitTest' in ARKit

Next Reality AR

Hello, budding augmented reality developers! My name is Ambuj, and I'll be introducing all of you Next Reality readers to the world ARKit, as I'm developing an ARKit 101 series on using ARKit to create augmented reality apps for iPad and iPhone.

Hands-on: VR Goes Skydiving at iFLY – The Ultimate Haptic Simulation

Road to VR

iFLY , a leading provider of indoor skydiving facilities, today launched their iFLY VR initiative which combines the company’s indoor skydiving experience with immersive visuals powered by a Gear VR headset. I got to try to experience for myself at the company’s SF Bay location.

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ABC’s ‘Royal Wedding AR’ Is An Augmented Experience Fit For A Prince


Misplace your invitation to the royal festivities? Us too. Luckily ABC has all the British jubilation you can handle via their brand new AR experience. Things are beginning to heat up as what may very well be the biggest wedding of 2018 continues to inch closer.

Tongue-in-cheek TSA VR simulator, TSA Frisky out today.

Cats and VR

TSA Frisky s a tongue-in-cheek look into the world of a TSA agent. Think Job Simulator but with something that people hate dealing with at airports. The game throws you right in the middle of a busy airport security checkpoint.

How To Download And Install New Custom Songs On Beat Saber


While we patiently wait for official (and free) DLC , the alpha version of Beat Saber’s level editor will have to do for now. Thankfully, it’s not too difficult to download and import tracks that users have created for the time being, even if it’s not officially supported.

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ANTVR Goes Modular to Shrink the Size & Expand the Field of View of Its AR Headset

Next Reality AR

China-based virtual reality headset maker ANTVR has decided to enter the augmented reality space, and to do so it's launching its headset on Kickstarter.

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Enormous, Multisensory Arena Heads To Las Vegas Strip 2020


Madison Square Garden Company teases an ambitious 18,000-seat venue wrapped inside a 170,000-square-foot LED sphere capable of various haptic feedback. If you’ve managed to make it out to the legendary city of sin lately, you may have noticed that gambling is on the decline.

Blockchain Studios debuts CryptoCarz, collectible racing cars for VR gaming, at Consensus 2018

Cats and VR

Today at Consensus 2018, Blockchain Studios announced the launch of CryptoCarz, the most advanced Ethereum-secured collectible asset yet. CryptoCarz are unique, limited-edition virtual cars that can be collected and then raced on a brand-new platform made for the rapidly growing eSports market.

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God of War’s Kratos Comes To VR Using Virtual Photogrammetry


Sony’s God of War might not be playable in VR, but one fan has brought its iconic protagonist, Kratos, into headsets in a project worthy of the gods.

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Report: VR in Retail and Marketing to Generate US$1.8 billion in 2022

Tech Trends VR

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies will bring opportunities for merchants as consumer adoption grows. There is high consumer interest to use VR for making purchase decisions while shopping online or in-store. Click To Tweet.

AntVR Launches ‘Mix’ AR Headset Kickstarter, Promising a 96-degree FOV for $500

Road to VR

CryptoCarz: Multiplayer VR Racing Powered By Blockchain


Attend online auctions, customize limited-edition rides, and test your skills in this blockchain-enabled VR racing experience.

Chiaro and the Elixir of Life is a great indie VR game seeking funding.

Cats and VR

After 2 years of work on Chiaro , Martov Co. has launched a Kickstarter campaign to engage with the deeply passionate VR and gaming communities, and get funding for the final months of production. The campaign is live now, and will run until Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018:

How Blade Runner: Revelations’ Sound Brings The Neo-Noir World To Life In VR


Once upon another era, every time a movie released there would be a video game of the same name to launch right alongside it. In the 16-bit era we got tons of classic releases, but eventually this practice became a race to the bottom until publishers mostly stopped it altogether.

Creating Immersive Learning Experiences

Tech Trends VR

Google harnesses the power of photos and street view to deliver simplified VR development for teachers and students.

‘Rec Room’ to Get New Battle Royale Shooter Next Month, Open Alpha Starts This Weekend

Road to VR

Rec Room , the free multiplatform social VR app, is getting a new multiplayer battle royale shooting game soon. Starting June 7th, you’ll be able to engage in some PUBG- style shootouts in what the developers Against Gravity dub Rec Royale.

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Rec Room Update Adds Adorable Battle Royale Mode Next Month


Against Gravity’s popular social VR platform hops on the battle royale bandwagon with its latest free update.

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Create & Explore Floating Orbs of Sound in AR with Fields App

Next Reality AR

When it comes to augmented reality apps, visually immersive experiences are plentiful, but audio experiences are somewhat underrepresented. A new app for iPhones and iPads seeks to shift the AR paradigm toward the latter.

Someone Made A Beat Saber Mod For Darth Maul


Beat Saber confirms what we all knew: two lightsabers are better than one. But, as fun as dual-wielding laser swords is, wouldn’t it be cool to use them like Darth Maul, too? One player is doing just that.

Beat Saber is the new hype VR game


This week the folks at Hyperbolic Magnetism are probably pretty pumped up about all the press they’re getting for Beat Saber. They first started development for this game back in 2016, and between then and now it’s been tested by hundreds of users.